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Tipskitricks App - A New Way to Connect with Us

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Tipskitricks App
Welcome to our Blog, we are love to stay connected with you, for that we have done many things we can, but now at last our app has been published on Google Play, stay there for more information.

Tipskitricks App

As you can see the image, above that the name of the app is "Tipskitricks - Technology, Reviews and Fun".

If you download our app you will be always in profit because mobile users will be get advantage of our apps.

Apps Overview 

“Tipskitricks” is the official apps of, in our app you will more features and benefit. We focus on technology, online earning, gadgets review, app review and organize something funny for entertainment.

App Features 

• Premium Support 
• Live Chatting with CEO
• Fast and Reliable 

Our Special Series 

• Tech Tips 
• Tricks 
• Unboxing and Review 
• Best Apps 
• Best Websites 
• Guest Post Offers 

This App is Very Lightweight so You can now take your all the Ideas of Tech, Daily Life Tricks and 
many more things In your Pocket. 

Give us a Five Star Rating Which Help Us to Provide Even More Content and Fun.Image result for five star rating google play
Get it on Google Play

Try! our App Once and if you want any important updates then simply email us .

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This Is Why Jawbone UP3 Gadget Is So Famous!

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Jawbone UP3 Gadget

Jawbone UP3 be the Next Generation of Jawbone UP24 + Heart Rate sensor. Jawbone UP3 don’t have features like NFC for payments integrated with American Express or Amex. These features having in Jawbone UP4, which is the next generation of Jawbone UP3. Jawbone UP3 was introduced in 2014. At the end of his introduction Jawbone says that will UP3 Full best waterproof fitness tracker but the fact is not so, and Jawbone UP3 only Splash Prove, Rain Prove. Imagine having a personal trainer 24/7, tracking your heart rate throughout the day and sleeping better. That’s what our UP3 band with its great style and 2015’s best fitness app can do for you.

Design Jawbone UP3

This Is Why Jawbone UP3 Gadget Is So Famous!

Just like its predecessor, the Jawbone UP, Jawbone UP24. Jawbone up2, Jawbone and Jawbone UP3 UP4 designed by famous designer “Yves Behar”. As a result, Jawbone UP3 design very styles, Fashionable and comfortable to wear.  Jawbone UP3 comes in various colors.

Jawbone UP3 Feature                                                                 

Activity Tracker

Jawbone UP3 Gadget

This is the one I use the most. As long as the band is on your wrist you will see your steps keep increasing throughout the day. You can also add a workout to specify if you went for a run, lifted weights, did yoga, etc. It’s very easy to use. For those that use other apps like Run Keeper (which I do), the UP app has a section where you can sync your info from other fitness apps so there is no need to enter info in several places.

 Food Logging

This is the part of the app that lets you put in everything you have consumed for the day. The app allows you to enter via three different methods. The first is scan. Basically if the item you are consuming has a barcode you just scan it and the nutritional values auto populate.

Jawbone UP3 Gadget

The second is search. All you do there is type in what you ate/drank and it will search thru the database which appears to be preloaded on the app. If you are eating at a chain restaurant, most items are in there. Otherwise you can just find something close to what you ate. Or the last way is to snap a picture of what you ate and manually type in the nutritional values. Like the activity tracker if you use a different food logging app the UP app does sync to some of them so you don’t have to input info in 2 places

Sleep Mode

Jawbone UP3 Gadget

 This by far was probably the coolest feature so far on the UP3. Right as you go to bed, you throw your band in sleep mode and leave it there until you wake up. Once I wake up I put it back in active mode. After that time my app updates to give me a handful of sleep information. It tells you how long it took you to fall asleep, how long you were in deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep, and if you woke up during the night. It is pretty neat to track this. Information I have never seen on myself. It also gives you your resting heart rate reading.

Smart Coach

Jawbone UP3 Gadget

This feature needs a few days worth of info to really start working. The more information you enter in the first three features, the more useful the smart coach is. Basically each day my smart coach will give you tips on stretching, things to eat to get more REM sleep (if it is low like mine), give you daily step challenges based on previous averages, and tell you things to avoid eating based off your eating patterns. The smart coach will also provide links to exercises to better challenge you. Like I said I have only had the UP for about a week so I have just recently began to see the smart coach provide more specific advice for me specifically. The first couple day was a generic but now that I have input a bunch of info I am getting much more out of the smart coach.

The best feature of the UP3 is the way it easily tracks your sleep. It’s very simple to turn it over to sleep monitoring mode. In the morning it categorizes your sleep into deep, light and REM. It records your total sleep time and it does this everyday so you can get an idea of your overall sleep patterns. If you have any issues with getting adequate sleep, etc. this is a great way to start understanding that part of you.

Jawbone UP3 Pros and Cons


Jawbone UP3It looks really cool. If you’re going to wear something all day, every day, this is more important than it might sound. It’s sleeker-looking than the watch-shaped Up Move and far more handsome than the FitBit, in my personal opinion. I wish I’d bought the silver so it would blend in nicely with my jewelry.
It tells you how much of your sleep is spent in a REM state.
The step tracking is far more accurate than your phone. After all, you likely don’t always have your phone in your pocket or purse for every step you take 24 hours a day. So it’s more accurate and more convenient.
It tells you your resting heart rate, and graphs it over time. It also explains why you should care.
The companion Up App is FANTASTIC. The Smart Coach provides better tips and motivates me better than all my other Fitness apps. (But it’s no different from the version for the Up Move, other than the added REM sleep and heart rate data points.) It’s also the most visually pleasing of all my fitness apps, and is easiest for at-a-glance info.
It plays well with others. You can sync with partners like the iPhone Health screen, the Withings scale, MyFitnessPal, UnderArmour’s fitness logging apps, MapMyRun and the like. They all share their data back and forth really seamlessly. Love this. Use it constantly. Appreciate it constantly.
It gives you a noticeable vibration when an alarm/alert you scheduled goes off, or if you’ve been sitting still for more than a specific amount of time. All of which you can customize to your personal preference in the app. I worried that the vibration would annoy me, but happily, it doesn’t. And it’s a physical reminder to check in and stay engaged with my fitness trackers throughout the day. An alert popping up on a phone buried in my handbag wouldn’t be as effective. I dig this.
If you forget to put it in sleep mode at bedtime, it will recover that data. You can go back and log past sleep, and it will go back through the data on heart rate and movement during that period, and estimate pretty accurately all those sleep stats. This is a big improvement over the Up Move.
  • Lack of LED display (it only has lights)
  • The latching system on the band is a little cumbersome, especially at first.
  • Lack of “getting started” instructions in the box.
  • Heart rate monitor is currently not designed to for target heart rates during workouts
  • Doesn’t appear to count stairs like Fitbit trackers.
  • not waterproof
Md. Nurul Islam(pasha)
Content Developer
Digital IT Solution

How to get Free GN Points on Gokano? (Coupons)

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Did you ever heared about Gokano, if not then,

Read - What is Gokano and How to Win Prizes?

Read - How to Win Gokano Big Restock?

Now, I will imagine that you have read our all two article about Gokano and let' move ahead to the "How to Get Free GN Points on Gokano" . Many of the youtube videos have the way to earn unlimited points but they all are fake and your account get ban for doing that work.

Today, I'm going to show you the best, easy, free, legal way to earn free GN Points. 

Gokano Coupon Code

In earlier update Gokano lauches the facility to enter coupons code and I've few coupons for you and as press CTRL+D to bookmark this page to get future coupons code (Note- This Coupon may Expire in Future)

Go to and enter the following code.

You Will Get Total 15 GN

Gokano Code


2 GN

2 GN

2 GN
2 GN

3 GN

2 GN

2 GN

If you didn't use gokano then Signup Now for Free

How to Win Gokano Big Restock?

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In the previous article I've explained "What is Gokano and How to Get Prizes" but you will only get your prizes in "Big Restock" every months. 

Read - What is Gokano and How to Win Prizes?

Claiming your prizes in big restock is very difficult because lot's of users tried and get thier prize and within 5 minutes of restock, the product will again out of stock but today we are going to discuss on "How to Win Big Restock of Gokano". Lot's of users facing difficulty in claiming their prizes in Big Restok so let's get started-

Big Restock Gokano

First Plan to Win Gokano Restock

In Gokano Big Restock, the fastest one to place their order will win so I recommend you to use Chrome Browser or Opera which are very fast.

Go to your Browser Settings and click on  "Autofill Settings" >> Click on "Add Street Address" and enter your information. It just like filling your Gokano form in Advance.

Gokano Big Restok
Click to Zoom
• Remember this is Very Important Steps to fill your Browser "Autofill Setting".

Second Steps Towards Gokano Restock

Now, restock is alive only for 4-5 minutes so if you will search your prizes then it may take time and you will failed to place order.

In this case, Choose your prize and save the link for direct visit, you can also bookmark it by pressing CTRL+D

Third Tactics to Win Gokano Restock 

Now we've filled an Autofill Setting but how to know when restock is alive. Usually they give you 1-2 days and within this days the restok came anytime so the best way to know the Restock is alive is-

Big Restock Gokano

Now, you are ready, just turn on the notification and run Gokano Nitification app in background and when the restock is alive then fastly click on your Bookmark you have saved previously for your prize and then your Autofill setting does the job and you have to verify and place order.

If you haven't signup on Gokano just Signup and Start Getting Prizes

What is Gokano and How to Win Prizes?

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Do you ever heared about Gokano, If No, Let me tell you, Gokano is a Website which will gives you some points on completing very easy task like daily logging, daily poll, social mission and extra mission. I've heared about many website but Gokano is the best website to earn points very easily and claim prizes.

Read  - How to Win Big Gokano Restock?


Types of Points in GOKANO?

There is two types of points in Gokano which are-

GN Points 

GN points is the points which we can earn very easily be completing 10-15 seconds of tasks.

There are several prize like if you want to earn powerbank or fidget spinner then you need 40 GN Points you can easily earn in 3-5 days, if you want Selfie stick then you need 65 GN Points and prizes are available upto Samsung Galaxy S8 which need 4000 GN Points.

VP Points

VP points are the points which is not easy to earn but once you've earned this then you will get products anytime but in GN Points you need to wait till restok which is only for 5-10 Minutes based on Customer purchases.

Recommended Points - GN Points

GN Points are Easy to earn, just earn GN points and wait till restok then grab your Prize.

Earn Gokano Points by Inviting Friends

Invite your friends and you will get 1 GN points. If you successfully completed 30 Referalls then you will become Gold member and you will get a free Gold member T-Shirt, also Gold member will earn twice the Points.


How to Win Prizes in Gokano?

Now, suppose if you have sufficient GN Points to purchase any products then you need to wait till restok at the end of the month. Once, restok is place then all the products is available till the out of stock. Genrally within 5 Minutes restok is again out of stock and you have to wait till next months.

Overall, I think this is very easy steps to earn prizes and website os fully updated and verified which make this trusted.

Proof Of Users Who Get Their Prizes

Users uploaded their video on Youtube to show the proof of this website

Best Fitness Tracker | Best Fitness Band Review

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Today we provide the best fitness band of 2017, and also do some fitness band review. Fitness Tracker is the best way to track each and everythings about your body. So, I think everyone really need a fitness tracker.

Best Fitness Tracker

Let's Review the Best Fitness Tracker "Xiaomi Band 2"

Mi Band 2 Look like a bracelet in the hand but it is usually a fitness tracker, it can also recieve calls.

The Best Features

• OLED Touch Screen
• Incoming Call / Message Alert
• No Passcode Required
• Intelligent Alarm Function
• Sports Monitoring
• Steps Monitoring
• Waterproof
• Bluetooth Synchronization 

Video Review of this Fitness Tracker

Credit - C4Etech Youtube Channel

Credit - Techy Agent Youtube Channel

After Watching this Full Buy this Mi Band.

Simple Tricks to Increase Alexa Rank of Your Blog

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Alexa is one of the top website to find website ranking, if you have a blog or website and if you want to earn more money then you have to increase your Alexa rank of your Blog. For advertising, every advertiser will firstly check your alexa rank and if it less then they might not be confident to advertise on your website.

Increase Alexa Rank

Alexa rank depends on series of factor like, including backlinks, content. organic traffic. In order to improve your alexa rank then you need to do proper SEO.

Today, we will teach you "How to Improve your Alexa Rank".

Let's Start,

1- Write High Quality and 100% Original Content

Increase Alexa Rank
Increase Alexa Rank
As we all know that the technology is improving day by day and the intelligence of search engine bot is getting improved day by day, tell me that if you copy anyones content, after that you will blacklisted from search engine then what will you do, your all hard works will get fail.

Write content by yourself, the content must be 100% original and evergreen to generate high traffic, if you will generate high traffic then your alexa rank will increase automatically.

Login to your Google Analytics account and see your stats, check your source and if would not able to generate so much pageviews then read the following.

Also, Promote your blog to get more traffic

2- Build Backlinks and Submit your Blog to Poplular Web Directories

Now, here is the main game to increase your alexa rank, build backlinks slowly on your blog and submit your blog to popular web directory.

How to Build Backlinks? 

Backlinks are just like votes for your blog, the more backlinks (votes) you got the higher you will rank in google.

To build backlinks you need to do many things like - Blog Commenting, Guest Posting and many other ways.

After reading the above post, you will become a master to create a backlinks.

Increase Alexa Rank
Increase Alexa Rank

How to Submit Blog to Popular Web Directories?

It is very easy, just choose some of the websites below then find the option like "Submit links", "Submit Website" etc.

Here are the popular directories to Submit your Blog,

Submit your blog to all these directory and you will see the boost in Alexa rank under 30 Days.

3- Be Consistent and Build Pages

Increase Alexa Rank
Increase Alexa Rank
These is one of the most important factor ie. "Consistency". It is used everywhere. Consistency is the key for success. For eg- If you are topper of your class for 1 year then you have to consistent and if you lose then you will not succcess. I guranteed that if you are consistent then no one can stop you from success. Alexa also focuses of pages, if you have more pages or post then your rank will be boosted in Alexa, and if you do not update your content time wise then you will lose your rank in Alexa.

Writing pages will skyrocket in Alexa Rank and Moz Rank because the website with more content surely have enough post.

4- Analyze and Take Action

You can keep watching your alexa rank and if you see any downfall in your alexa rank then take some action given above, like building backlinks, writing guest post, commenting on others blog and many steps.

Here is the list to help your Blog (You have to work on SEO and Increasing views)

Increase Alexa Rank
Increase Alexa Rank

Also make sure that you have SEO ready Themes.

5- Skyrocket your Alexa Rank by Adding Alexa Widget to your Blog.

You will boost your alexa rank only if you noticed by Alexa, and one of the best ways is to place alexa widget to the your Website widgets. 

After Adding Widgets, You Will See Your Progress in Alexa within 2 Days.

How to Add Alexa Widgets to Your Blog/Website

Increase Alexa Rank
Increase Alexa Rank
To add alexa widgets just copy the below code and paste replace your website with

<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>
So just replace wwith your website name.

Hope this will help in skyrocketing your alexa rank, keep commenting keep supporting.