How To Create Amazing Design Online Without Any Software [Twitter Cover,Facebook,Youtube Thumbnail ]

When we are making a tutorial we search images from google but that images are copyright.

To Prevent from copyright claims we have to make our own image by many software like photoshop,corel draw etc but this are little bit hard and take more time.
Today we show you how to make amazing design or custom design online.
Follow these steps-:

1)Go to the site

2)Sign up for a new account, if you have already login.

3)Now there are multiple option like create custom design ,create a facebook cover etc

4)Choose the option which you want to create.

5)Below is the simple video example of how to make twitter cover.

6)Customize by double clicking and for more tutorials watch this video.
There Are Some Paid And Free Teplates To Use In CANVA Watch this video below.

After Watching Examples You Can Easily Create More Design.
Enjoy This Video.

[Follow These Step Strictly]

Enjoy This Video

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