How To Buy Redmi Note 3 From Amazon In Flash Sale With Script And Extension

As we know that Redmi note 3 or coolpad note 3 lite is the smartphone which rocks the market and everyone want to bought this phone from amazon.
Today I am going to show you how you can buy any phone or redmi note 3 in flash sale.

1)Register for redmi note 3 with this link
2)Now Sign In To Your Amazon Account.
3)Now download an extension from google which is Flash sale Helper and you can download the extension using this link

4)After Downloading the extension click on extension and click on the phone (before 5 minutes when it comes )which you want to buy  as shown in image.

5)Click On Redmi Note 3
6)It will take to you another page where script is running as shown in image below.

7)As soon as the phone comes it will add to cart for you.
8)Checkout your phone under 15 minutes,if you not able to checkout under 15 minutes it will out of your cart.

•Important Notice

•Click on the extension→redmi note 3 before 5-6 minutes of time.
•It is just script which add this phone to your cart and you have to checkout under 15 minutes.
•Download the extension and give it 5 star.
•Read This Blog Carefully For Success Checkout.]
•Follow The Process As Shown In The Blog To Buy Successfully.

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