The Worlds Cheapest Phone Freedom 251 Come Again Very Soon With Cash On Delivery


The Worlds Cheapest Phone  Come Again Very Soon  With Cash On Delivery 

When the world cheapest phone come at every indian try to buy it and with 5 lakh hit per second the website is crashed but after few hours freedom 251 comes again with limitation of 1 unit per user but on that time also website crash but few people complete the order and some people thought that it is a scam  and many news channel also claim that it is a scam.
But after few weeks on the website update its summary and on that website its written that:-

Dear Customer,
In furthering our service to you,we,at Ringing Bells have decided to offer "Cash On Delivery" term vs previous Offer of via "Payment Gateway" !!

By this you,our esteemed customer will be required to make payment only when phone is delivered to you.

And Ringing Bell Write More A You Can See In This Image
Click Here To See Bigger Image

We only hope that it would come again and rock with COD which is cash on delivery.

As Soon as the phone comes again date will updated here.

Freedom 251| Date = Coming Soon

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