Make Your Google Chrome Look Better With a Extension [Beautify your chrome browser]


Maximum number of people in the world use google chrome but it themes is little boring or if you want to change the themes of your google chrome you need to stay tuned and read this essay and follow the steps.

1)Go to chrome store and search for extension called Infinity New Tab 

2)Install the extension.

3)After installing open new tab and you will look like as shown in image with different theme and it look cooler.

It Look Like This

4) After that you can create shortcut of google,youtube,vimeo etc and you will enjoy different themes .


•On the top right corner you will see a (+)Button  click on that and it will give you option to choose item.

•On the bottom right corner you will see a fan which give you option to choose random wallpaper.

•You have also option of searching with google,yahoo,bing,baidu with shortcut of image,news,videos,map directly.

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