How To Accept Money With PayTM From Your Visitors (Qr code)

Hello viewers, recently Paytm launched a new technique to make payments through QR code.Let me explain.

First, update your Paytm from play store.
Now open your Paytm app and click "Request" .

2- Now,click on the QR code button and if you want enter amount you can but normally click on generate QR code.

3-Now you can clearly see a QR code and now we are going to save it press share button or take a screen shot to save the image.

4-When the image is saved you can send to your PC and ready to receive payment.

5-Upload that Qr code on your website and when any visitor come and scan that Qr code you will get paid according to visitors choice.

6-If you upload the  image or Qr code and when visitor open app and click send then scan your code and send money to you.

7-It's completely safe and secure.

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