How To Run Iphone Apps On PC/Laptop | Best iOS Emulator

Hello guys,today I'm going to show you how to run iPhone apps on PC.
There are several posts on the internet on the topic of "how to download android apps for PC" but today I'm going to show you how to run iPhone apps on PC.

This is very easy just download Ipadian . Let me show how to download Ipadian.

1)Go to the website

2)Now click on the download button.

3)Now,they are asking for free and paid version,you can choose any of them to depend on your requirement.

Paid version has many features and it is only for $10.

4)After download install it.

5)After installing,open the ipadian and done!!!

Now I want to tell little bit about Ipadian-

-Ipadian free is Ad Supported
-You can easily use Whatsapp In Ipadian free.
-Pricing of paid version is $10
-Paid version is Ad free
-You can play games in Paid version.
-Both versions feel real iOS.
-It is the best iPhone emulator.

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