WWE 12 Game - Download For PC and How To Play?

WWE means World Wrestling Entertainment.This game is loved by everyone especially for WWE fans because it has special action.Today I'm going to show you "How to download WWE'12 For PC Its really simple and easy so let' check this out.

how to download wwe"12 for pc

1- Go to this link and download your game.

2- Now extract your game to the desktop after downloading and then it's done.

3- Open the small icon of WWE to open the Game. 

4- This game is the edited version of 2007 and edited by Raman Cheema.

5- After opening let's see how to play?

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How To Play WWE"12 On PC

Here is some basic control of WWE"12 

↑→↓← Arrow keys are used to navigate the player or to move the player.

Double click any ↑↑ or ↓↓ or →→ or ←←  arrow key to  run a player in a specific direction.

"A" >> Taunt 

When you press "A" the Taunt is enabled and you get more boost in voltage meter that helps to execute your finisher.

"C" >> Block

When you press "C" player block the attack of opponent but be serious because when you press "C" and anyone grapple then they might attack you.

"D" >> Attack

When you press "D"  player attack its opponents and when they attack you simply press C .

Dangerous Attacks

There is some dangerous attack like given below.

"D" + ↑ or "D" + ↓ or "D" + → or "D" + ←
to attains a different attack and this attack is very dangerous 

Similarly when you grapple any opponent and press the following key the attack are might be very big.

"S" + ↑ Or ↓ Or → Or ←

So, these are some basic attacks which are used to play the WWE"12 For Pc.

How To Execute Finisher.

When your opponent becomes too tired and your Voltage meter flashes try these keys to attains a finisher.

To execute any finisher of any player make sure your voltage meter is high and flashes press "A" + "S" then any player can execute its finisher but make sure that your voltage 
the meter is high.

Update : With High Voltage Meter Execute Finisher with Full Timing then your Opponent Will lose the Match.

Gallery And Some WWE" 12 images.

how to download wwe"12 for pc

how to download wwe"12 for pc

how to download wwe"12 for pc

how to download wwe"12 for pc

how to download wwe"12 for pc

how to download wwe"12 for pc

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