How To Get 10x Faster Subscriber on Your Blogger And Wordpress

If you have a blog and you struggling to get more subscribe then read this article all the way to the end and I guarantee that you will increase 25% more subscriber than normal.


The subscriber is the first person who read your blog when anyone subscribes you they will get the notification on their email.
So,first things to do is you need a popup email subscriber box for the blogger for this go to a website called and create your new account.

After signup visit this page and create your own form. 
Or they create form for you automatically.

Subscriber Form

Now you get a code like this 

How to get more subscriber
Subscriber Form

Now copy this code and go to your blogger dashboard, then Templates then Edit HTMl , after you can easily edit your template. Find </head> by pressing CTRL + F (Find).

Now paste this code just before </head> tag of your website.


For WordPress download a plugin and get enjoyed.

This will increase your 25% more subscriber than normal.

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