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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Full Review Of Whats Tool | How It Share Upto 1GB File | How To Share Upto 5 GB On Whatsapp

Whatstool Review

Tricky Wicky
Whatstool Reviews
Whats Tool Is A File Sharing App Specially Design For Whatsapp But We Can Share It To Any Messenger.Whats Tool Is Integreated With Help Of Google Drive.All You Have To Do To Connect Google Drive With Whats Tool.It Current Version Size Is 9.3 MB.When We Open Whats Tool First We Have To Connect Google Drive With Sign In To Your Account And Then We See The Four Tab 
That Is:Trending,Sent Recieve And Promotion.

About Trending Tab:

In trending tab we see that whats new in the app,whats people share publicly to the whats  tool server. Some people often like trending tab because they see what people are sharing and they also see those.So trending tab is awesome.

About Sent Tab:

In sent tab we able to seeswhat we have share earlier like a history.We have to turn on service in settings so that whatsapp enable whats tool option.
In sent tab there are more option to share files.

About Recieved Tab:

In recieve tab we see what we get from other whatsapp user.You recieve all messeges via whats tool.

About Promotion Tab:

In promotion tab you will se plenty of boaring ads which any user not want to see,so there  is no uses of promotion tab.

Tricky Wicky◄ About This Tab

When hit that button like structure you get four option 

1.ABOUT - In about tab you will able to see version of whatstool and customer support.
2.TUTORIAL - In tutorial tab you will know how to connect google drive to whatstool and how to connect it with whatsapp.
Tricky Wicky
3.RATE US ON GOOGLE PLAY- This tab help you to rate them on google play this give us us a support.
4.CONTACT SUPPORT - This tab is very useful you will get a customer support which is very good as a application on mobile.

How To Enable Whats Tool Service For Whatsapp.

1:-To enable whatstool service for whatsapp first you have to link your google drive with your whats tool aplication so first open your whatstool aplication and click get started.
Tricky Wicky
Hit Get Started
Click on get started as shown in image.

2:-By clicking on get started you have to turn on your service in Whatstool click turn on  as shown in image.
Tricky Wicky
Hit Turn On
Click Turn on Service By Opening Whatstool Service In Settings

3:-By Turning On you will able to use this in whatsapp.

4:-Now sign in Via Browser As Show In Image.
Tricky Wicky
Hit Click Here To Sign In

5:-Now Accept term and condition as shown in image.
Tricky Wicky
Click Allow

6-:Now You Ready For Sharing Click on + Icon To Start Sharing Or Share Using Whatsapp As Shown In Image.
Tricky Wicky
Clip On + Icon To Start 
7-: Now Open Whatsapp And Hit Clip Like Button 

8:-Now you Will Se Various Kind Of Option As Shown In Image and choose what to share video,file,pdf etc from whatstool center.
Tricky Wicky
Select From Bottom Section What To Share 
8-:Suppose We Have To Send Video First Select Video from The Bottom Section Choose Video Or Any Other As a Demostration Choose Video.

9- Whatstool Create Unique Link And Send It To Your Friends.
Tricky Wicky
Unique Link Generated
10-It All Done All Your Friends Need To Download This Video By Following Link.
Tricky Wicky
Your Friends Click On Download .
11.Your Download Starts.
Tricky Wicky
Your Download Starts

Is Whats Tool Really Useful For Us ? Is It Good For Us.

Yes,It is useful because user can download videos without signing in but it is not so good because it has not own program it take help of google drive and by google drive we can share upto 15Gb Files  on whatsapp with sharing link.
So,I dont think it is so good.

Reality of Whatstool

Now reality of whatstool is like bit.ly it is also a link creator program that connect your google drive and sync photos to your google drive and share link with you.And Its share Link Not Share Files.

How To share Upto  5GB To 15 GB Files On Whatsapp.

It is very easy to share 5 gb of any type of file through whatsapp Via Link.
First You Have To Download Google Drive App For Android. 
Second Upload Files On Google Drive.
Third Share Link 
It Is 100 Times better Than Whatstool Technology.

Ratings For Whatstool According To Tricky Wicky.

Tricky Wicky

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