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Friday, 19 February 2016

How To Limit Speed Of Wifi For Others | D-Link Dir-600M | Tips And Tricks


I know that you are using wifi but sometimes it happens that your friends use your wifi and download so many things or any guest using wifi and they all are downloading so many things and your pc speed is so slow because there is several downloading in the background.In this case we can limit the speed on their ip.So just follow the steps in the below so you can easily limit speed for others.
This Is Only For Those whose Have D-Link Routers

1- Open this ip address on your computers or if your ip is not this contact with your router providers.
Click Login

3-Now login via your username and password.By default username is Admin And leave the password blank.

4-After login go to Status>Active Client Table And Copy The Ip Address You Want To limit speed.

5-After copying Ip address go to the Advance Tab>Traffic Control.
Advance>TrafficControl>Click Add
6- Click Add On the traffic conrol page.

7-Now Enter the information shown like in the image below.▼
Enter Victims Information
8-Enter the ip address of your friends and type 1 in both up and down floor

9-Type the upload speed for your friends in up cellling and type download speed for your friends in Down celling And then Click Add.

10-After clicking add you done,now your friends use limited speed on your wifi.


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