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Monday, 22 February 2016

How To See Who Is Using Your Wifi | Best Software | Explained In Detail

Wireless Network Watcher
Sometimes few people trying to hack your wifi and used your data it does not possible but sometimes it happen in this case what you can do?How you know who is using your wifi?Today you will know the super easy tricks to know who is using your wifi so lets get started.
Through this software you get rid of hacker and all it show grid like data like a spreadsheet.Its really awesome below I tell how to install it.


Follow The Few Steps-

1)Download the wireless network watcher through this link
After Downloading open it and install it after it install open it.
Wireless Network Watcher
2)Wirless network watcher is very awesome software.Most wifi user use this software so why you know download now

3)After downloading open it and lets take a look of wireless network watcher.

Wirless Network Watcher
4)Now see the image above and see on the first column you will get option of ip address,on the second column you will get option of Device name,third column is for mac address,fourth option is the company which  easy to recognise.

5)So you can easily recognize company,name and mac address so to block the user go to your router ip and block with mac filter option.

About Wireless Network Watcher

Wireless network watcher is software used to capture who is on your wifi and using it with company name so you can easily block them via Mac Filter on your router so it is very useful application,I highly recommend this if you are using wifi.It help you to know and block users.It made by nirsoft.
The current version of WNW is 1.90 and I really like this software and giving 4 out of 5 star which is excellent.

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