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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Make Money Online | Blogging Tips | Make Money Blogging | 100% Must Watch

Blogging Tips For Making Money Online 

Are you looking for making money online through blogging,then you comes at right place.Today you will learn some blogging tips and tips for making money online.
First,you promise with me that you will start hardwork from today if you want to earn money.
This post is little bit bigger but by reading this post I sure that you make your own blog today.
If you want to earn money first you have to become succesfull blogger dont insert ads on just next 2 or 3 days when you start your blog you have to wait for 6 month for the ads.
What can you do in under 6 month you have to write a post invest money and time,doing hardwork.
There are some blogging tips that you ca do under 6 month and after 6 month.

Blogging Tips #1(Choose Platform,Themes)

First you have to choose platform for blogging,select your platform blogger or wordpress and ready to start blogging.
I recommend wordpress premium it has pro feature and have many plugins that make your blog awesome look by premium theme.
If you want to a professional and succesfull blogger invest some money by purchasing your domain name for your website and choosing premium templates and themes.
Themes and feature of your blog give a perfect look.
So 1st tips is get your platform,domain,and theme.Wordpress is little costly but believe me it make all visitors happy on your site.

Make your site that a each visitors love your site in first visits so first thing design your site.I want to give example that a good looking hotels not gives a food at Rs 500 and a bad looking hotels give a food at Rs 450 but all peoples go in good looking hotels because the hotel look good in sturucture same as theme make your theme lovely and professional.

Blogging Tips #2 (Headings And Titles)

Suitable headings give you blog more traffic and be honest give correct title.Dont give incorrect title be a true citizens  not like that you tell about burger in your content but on heading you wrote about pizzas.
So be a true dont give incorrect title.Title of a blog gave user a suggestion on google and other search engine.
Give a rocking title that user click on that like 'Five Tips That Blow Your Mind'.
Some blogger says that title is not derive traffic to blog but beleive in me title Is SEO means Search Engine optimization.Appropriate title derive people to your blog from search engine .
I want to give you example once again like someone search on google that "five tips for perfect blogging"and your title of your blog is 'five quick tips for a perfect blogger'so that person click on your title and come to your blog and start reading you blog means dont leave title like a nothing.
Many succesfull blogger said that title is the key of you blog page.
If you want to earn money start giving awesome and rocking title.
I am also a blogger and I have 6 month experince.On beginning I am not giving suitable title so traffic is very low but now I try to give my title.
I suggest you to give your 100%.

Blogging Tips #3 (Content and learning)

Dont Copy and Paste

Its my own request that please dont copy from another blogger and paste it on your own blog by this way you really unsuccesfull.
Copy paste is the bad way and many blogger copy and paste and unsccues to thier life.
If you want big post you have to took time about 4 to 5 hours to your laptop to your computer and write your own post make timetable for your post 


Content of your blog must be a realastic if its not true visitors unsubscribed you really.
Be true and real.
Write you post by some useful link,creating bold effect,creating underline on important line.
Content of your blog is must be useful that anyone can gain some profit and if you write a fake content visitors dislike it and no one have time to visit your blog.
Dont fake and spam others and dont lose your concentration.
If necessary make your custom thumbnail if your blog supported thumbnail.
Dont gave up try upto 6 month and gave your 100% and then create ads unit and dont create too many ads on your blog the ads are very heavy.
If you give your 100% in your blog you earn lots of money as you can dont think in dream and be true reply each and every comments for loads lots of viewers and once again be true and realistic in your content title is key and content is key of success.Spend lots of time on blog.Dont add so many widgets in your sidebar.If you want to earn money first spend your time to write a blog post and then think about ads. Dont think about ads before you started your journey.
Make Content like a butter that a reader or viewer reads and then they think yes its true and if they like they subscribe to your blog.
Dont copy and paste and also dont save copyright image from google make your own image into
Dont make news content becuase news is not active many days it become old after 2 to 3 days make content that visitors visit after 10 years like your blog.

Think About Ads Which Ads is Good(Earn Money Now)

After 100% of hardwork its your time to think about ads Google Adsense Is best way to create your publisher account and get ready to create ad.Make your ads responsive that others can view in mobile.While google adsense security is really tight so dont click on your own ads.Google Adsense is really awesome and real when any visitor click on your ads you will get 60%paid and 40% paid to google.You will earn lot$ of $Money$.
So be cool spend you time write blog post and do hardwordl means write a big usefull blog post.


Purchase a domain name,select wordpress,add premium themes and GOOOOOO.


Be A Perfect Blogger.Best Of Luck Start Blogging Today 

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