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Monday, 22 February 2016

Removable Battery Vs Non Removable Battery | Explained In Detail With Pros And Cons

Every user have confusion between removable battery and not removable battery you have also confusion of which phone to bought removable battery and non removable battery phone.Today your all confusion get solved by reading this awesome post.

The term which we use for removable and non removable is wrong,it is user removable which you and anybody easily pick battery out and another is non user removable battery which any ordinary people which means you and anyone not able to pick out battery but if you go to its service center they can easily pick out battery with special screwdriver so first understand the term one we can easily pick battery out and another we cannot but service center easily pick that battery out.

Removable Battery Pro And Cons.

A user removable battery is good in some stage and very bad in some stage.
Because of removable battery companies would not give that mobile give perfect size and shape as they wants.Some user want removable battery they carry battery and when 1 battery down they used 2nd battery this is one of the foolish things.Thinks that you carry a bulky battery everywhere its very bad.
Now its a generation of quick charging used that why do you need to carry battery.Some user gurranteed that when their mobile hang they remove the battery and insert again and your mobile is restart,Now I want to tell you that non user removable battery have a shortcut to restart a phone.

Reason Why Company Taken The Step To Insert non removable battery?

1)As A Safety

This is myth that non user removable battery is very bad the first things that company make the non removable battery that because of safety,In the previous phones like Nokia which is we can remove battery and sometimes user can insert another local battery in the phone thats why phones get heat and sometimes the battery burst so as a safety regulation company taken the step that a normal user cannot remove the battery.

2)Company Not Get Profit?

Second and huge reason that is company would not get too much profit because if company make removable battery the users bought the battery from any store and of any company so that company which make mobiles not get profit.
Company also taken the step because its look like a advancement of phone.

3)For Making Slim phones And Design Beautifully.

Companies also taken the step for inserting the non removable battery because to make slim design for phones and give a perfect design.A before few years company would not able to give perfect design because for bulky battery so this is the reason.

4)What Happens When Your Mobile Hang?

In latest non removable battery phones it does not hang but anyways company provide a shortcut to turn off and restart your phones.

5)Which One Is Better?

Non removable battery is good and best because you get size,slim mobile with a compact design.

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