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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Best Coolest,Hidden Tricks On Google [Making Fun With Google]

Google is the best search engine in the world but you can also make fun with google using a simple tricks of google.Google make some doodle and easter egg to entertain the people and divert mind to google but its good.Google allows you to try different easter eggs with searching the codes on google or search via I'm Feeling Lucky.In google there are different tools like calculator,unit changer but its time to make a fun with them lets try different search code and get started.

Roll a Dice

This is one of the famous codes that help you to choose random digits between 1-6 as a dice.Just type "roll a dice" on google and click search and google work automatically to choose random number between 1 to 6.

Flip a Coin

Flipping a coin is most famous and it is popular than roll a dice.Just search "flip a coin" and google  choose random head or tail.

Zerg Rush

Zerg rush is the google game by google which is very famous and many people are playing and sharing score.Just type "zerg rush" in the google search and you will enter in a game which you have to click "0" many times with cursor to kill it and you will we ended if you not kill it,you have to save your searches which is very intrestings.

Do a Barrel Roll

Do a barrel roll means you have to move 1 times with rolling.In google there are few easter eggs which allow to roll your searches one of the most famous is do a barrel roll just search "do a barrel roll and you will see the magic that you searches is rolling.After it success comment down "Success"

Google Gravity

Gravity is force which force the object to pull down.In google it is happens a lot.
To run this mode you need to type in google "google gravity' And search with I'am feeling lucky.After search you will see everything fall down because of gravity.[LOL]

Google Space

After google gravity here comes its opposite which is google space.In this easter eggs everything is floating like you search is in space.To enter this mode just search "google space" and search with I'm feeling lucky and thats done.
It take you to space.Everything you search is in space environment.


After watching this video carefully you will get full details what to search and how it works.

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