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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Blogspot Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips For Bloggers

Blogger is the great place for making websites and blogs.Many user write post 4-5 hours on blogger daily but no one come to see that blog because they dont know blogger SEO. Today you know how to optimize your blog for SEO which is known as search engine optimization.
Blogger Seo

Many blogger especially who using blogspot platform struggle a lot for trafic but they dont know about SEO.Today you know about "Blogspot SEO" 

Blogspot SEO :Some Useful Tips And Tricks

Follow the step which showed in the below and you got a lots of traffic for sure.
We will try to help you even if you are beginners to the blog.

SEO Settings In Blogger
Enable Desciption

Open your blogger dashboard and navigate to Settings→Search Preferences.
Click on the description and enable the description by clicking yes as you can see in this picture.
Write a description for your blog less than 150 character.It help lot for your blog and easy for search engine to crawl.

Enable "Custom Robot Header Tag
Enable custom robot header tag for your blog and apply setting as shown in the image below.

Apply this settings in the custom robot header tags.

This settings are most important to apply in your blog.
By this setting you get a lots of traffic.So First apply settings in your blogger search preference as shown here.

Apply Custom Parmalink In Your Blog
Set Parmalinks

When we talk about SEO is applying custom parmalink is most important for search engines.They just find your url related to your post and put in the best ranking so apply custom parmalink.Dont add spcae,or comma to your parmalink just edit like this "tips-for-blogger".This help search engine a lot.

Title Customization.
When we talk about title it is most important to customize your title.
Customize Title
When anyone searching for your article the most important things is title and in blogger it got huge problem because when anyone searching for your matter.Like in the above picture the title is city of (long-distance)Love!- but in first it shows the home page title and for SEO it is necessary to bring the title first and then homepage.To correct that mistake by blogger you need to navigate to Template→Edit Tempplates.
Edit your template and search for 


and replace your title with this code ↓

And your title is replace in google search in 4-5 hours which is good for you.

Importance Of Label
Label is the most important part of the SEO because google crawler check your labels and import in search page of google if match to any keyword so maintain keyword density.So make your label looks like goods.
You can take idea of label from google keyword tool.
Google keyword Planner give you idea for you label or keyword.

Keyword Tool

Sign in with your adwords account and enter in keyword planer.Click on search for new keyword using a phrase website or category and search the title of your content like in this content I tell you about SEO so as you can see i the picture I take the title "blogger seo" and click get ideas and move to Tab keyword ideas and put all keyword in your label.

Keyword Tool Apply In Label


Put all these keyword into your label as show in image.

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By this few tricks you can easily get traffic but once again content is most important for your blogspot platform.

Share And Comment if any problem or want more tricks.

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