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Friday, 18 March 2016

How To Stop Your Android Phone From Overheating

If your phone are overheating when plug to charger,while playing game or with any other reason today we show you how to stop your phone from overheating step by step and we will also tell you how to cool it down.

Phone is electronic equipment and its get overheated normally while  playing games,charging or by any reason.It is not a big problem follow these step any you get rid of heating.
Stop Your Mobile From Overheating

1-Phone get heated while charging.

if your phone get heated by charging you need to charge properly.Yes,charge properly or drain your battery to 0% and charge it to 100%.
It is probably not a big problem.Check the charger Volts that its match with your charger or not,If it not go in market and buy another charger. 
Don't charge your phone 24/7.

2-Phone get overheated while playing games.

If your phone get overheated while playing games don't scare because games are put heavy load on processor.As we know phone is electronic device that why it heated.Don't believe in myths like don't play games while charging these are myths.Playing games while charging create no problem but if you feel overheating make sure that you are in cool temperature almost 30-35 degrees if there is too hot like in summer your phone must get hot.Don't play the games more than 2 hours and if you feel hot if you are playing little bit games make sure your RAM is suitable with games.

3-Phone get heated automatically

If your phone gets heated automatically uninstall the unwanted apps from your android device and kill some apps which are running in background.
If your phone get heated automatically without any reason follow the 5 step.
Some phone like Letv 1s are heated without any reason but it does not create any problem.

4-Phone get heated by some normal uses like operating whatsapp

Some of them phones are surely heat by normal use like whatsapp,hike,youtube then it doesn't create any sense means your android is safe because your processors work good.Some phone which are not heating but lagging to much but all in all its good for you just remove background apps and clear all notification,refresh your phones and that all done.Somestimes your browser is lagging/hanging too much in this case remove your     browsing/data/history/cache/cookies etc.

5-Prevent your phone from overheating by an  app

Yes,now its time for an app which make your phone much cooler in above those are manual feature but this is fully automatic you have to do nothing.Just download an app called "Coolify" from play store using this link.
Coolify is the best app for cooling your phone it basically clear your notification,your background app and tell you how much your phone cool down.

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