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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Top 6 Best Video Editing Software For Pc [Beginners To Pro]

Video editing is one of the important things for a vlogger or a youtuber, without video editing your videos will look like dump. Today I'm going to show you Best Video Editing Software for PC from Beginner to PRO Level.

6- Windows Movie Maker(Basic)

Movie Maker

Windows movie maker is the basic video editing software,you can trim you can cut the scenes and make a slideshow for the family but this is not for those who wants to make pro video in high quality,this is only for beginners.


5- Wondershare Filmora (Intermediate)

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare filmora is great video editing software,it has some good effect.In filmora you can use some beautiful text,caption etc.User who can know about video editing can easily edit video in filmora because it has cool look interface and easy to use.
You can make clones of anyone,you can edit with green screen effects.

DOWNLOAD FILMORA (Trial And Pro version)

4- Camtasia Studio (Intermediate)

Techsmith Camtasia

Techsmith camtasia studio is used why maximum of youtubers because it has green screen effects plus you can give credit at end.You can create intro for your youtube channel plus it is used by 60% of youtubers.It price is nearly 299$ means nearly 20,000 indian rupees.
It directly upload video on youtube.It is easy to use.


3- Hitfilm 3 Express (FREE But Like Pro) 64 bit

Hitfilm 3

Another video editor is hitfilm 3 express.If you want to look at best video editor this is one of the best becuase it is free,yes it is free.If you want to create pro effects like in adobe premier pro this is free one to get started.

2- Adobe After Effects (PRO)

Adobe After Effects
Adobe After effects yes it is one that you have to buy to start a youtube channel.
Adobe after effects trial version is availiable but it is too costly and if you want to start a quality youtube channel choose has some amzing effects that you cant believe.

1-Adobe Premier Pro 

Adobe Premier Pro
Yes,its pro and here comes the best and best one this is one if you are looking to buy.
If you want to spend money buy this to get full joyness because it is fullfill with many settings and you cant believe that you can do each and everything in this editor.
Pricing is nearly 68,000 indian rupee it is tooo costly but I can ell that how good it is your money dont get waste because it give you full of entertainments

So, I think you like this Amazing Top 6 Video Editing Software for PC, If you like it then Share it with your Friends.

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