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Monday, 4 April 2016

How To Use Multiple Accounts In One Android Phones

Daily,we need to manage different account in one mobile and we sign out and sign in to manage it but it quite difficult to do.
Here is a solution for manage two account using one mobile phones.
Follow these steps - 

1)Download an app called parallel space multi accounts

Parallel Space Multi Accounts

2)After downloading install it and open it.

3)Open and click (+) button and select the program which you want to be double account.

4)After selecting app hold and drag the icon and create shortcut.

5)After creating shortcut you get rid of sign in and sign out.

6)On the main screen you will see a program name with (+) sign and click to access.

7)Open the new created icon and get started today.

Special Notes- This app is really good and its trending at google play.

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About This App - This app is really good it generally create a different platform within one android and it create shortcut that make it more easier.

This app got 4 Star Out Of 5 

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