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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Correct Your Grammar Mistakes While Blogging or Typing (Grammar Checker)

Hello, Guys if you are a blogger and do blogging,you faced some problems like your text does not match with the sentences or you write more but not get ranked in google this is because you does not write correctly means you write incorrect and your mistake is in grammar.if you are not a grammar expert you lose the rank in google because grammar is something that increases the rank suddenly in google.

So stay tuned and you know something that makes your grammar mistakes ends.
If you love blogging then you have to learn grammar from the website called but it takes a lot of time to learn so I think there is any shortcut to correct my grammar mistake while typing and suddenly I know that there is one google chrome extension that makes you grammar mistakes correct and the extension is Grammarly . 

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an extension that works with google chrome,firefox and safari.
This extension makes your grammar mistakes corrects while blogging,tweeting,write a mail etc.
Grammarly fixes over 250 types of errors  which Microsoft can't find.
If you are writing email Grammarly helps a lot.

How To Download?

Grammarly is a chrome extension and you can download and sign up by this link


How It's Work?

Grammarly is a highly optimised extension for correcting grammar mistakes.It also finds the synonyms of selected word like if you use Grammarly double click and selected the text to find meaning and synonyms.

Features Of Grammarly

1- Its correct 250 types of errors
2- Its shows the correct meaning
3- Its shows the correct synonyms
4- Its work everywhere eg- blogger,facebook,twitter,email etc
5- Learn from the mistakes
6- Get grammar mistakes easily and correct them.

Grammarly clears all your grammar mistake but while blogging,use the Grammarly carefully and looked all your mistakes.

How To Use Grammarly On Blogger

1)Open your blogger dashboard and click on New Post.(make sure you installed Grammarly)

2)Enter your title for the content.

Sample - Incorrect Words

3)Now,start writing your post as usual and if you've done any mistakes Grammarly shows it and mark it red.


4)To Correct, your mistakes move your mouse cursor to red text and correct with Grammarly.

How To Use Grammarly On Twitter


1)Log into your twitter account - (Make sure you log in to your Grammarly)
2)Start tweeting and after completing your tweet just analyse with Grammarly.
3)Then you were done.

How to Use Grammarly On Facebook

1)Login To your facebook account ( make sure you log in to Grammarly)

2)Type what do you want to post.
3)Finally, correct your words with Grammarly.

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