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Friday, 20 May 2016

Google Lanuched Allo And Duo Apps For Pre-Register

Recently,Google has launched two apps for pre-register if you want to know about those apps you need to read out.
Google launched their new 2 apps which are "Allo" And "Duo"

Firstly,Lets Check About "Allo"-

Google launched their new 2 apps which are "Allo" And "Duo"

Firstly,Lets Check About "Allo"-
Allo is a text messaging app like WhatsApp,Messenger,Hike etc.Its first feature is Google Assistance.In Allo, no signup required only enter the number and it imports your contact.

Google Assistance - You can talk to google via voice or text suppose if you like to search nearby hospital or restaurant you can directly search for restaurant right from the ALLO.
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Smart Reply - Google  knows many things about you and it has a large search engine and image search so when anyone send pictures to you.Google recognise it and suggest some text in the below (you can also type reply).Google recognise correct image and suggest the right reply.
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Ink- Doodling option is given in which you can right with your hand on the image.

"Whisper" And "Shout" - In "Allo" speak louder by increasing the size of the text and whisper by decreasing the size of the text.

Stickers And Incognito Mode- Get lots of fun with many stickers  and now "Allow" allows to chat in Incognito mode (Chat Privately).It gives end-to-end encryption.

Privacy - Google knows everything about you but in "Allo" it gives full security by analysing and  throw out means it analyse and remove the history.

Google Allo is really able to replace Whatsapp,Facebook Messenger etc.
It is rated on play store  "4.6 Star".

It is available on play store for Pre-Register.

Pre-Register Allo

The second one is Duo which was launched for pre-register.So let's look the whole review of "Duo"

Duo is video calling app in which no sign up required just enter your number and it import your contact list and add all who Download Duo.

Let's look some feature of "Duo"

Normal Look And Easy Layout- It is very easy to use Duo because it provides you with a simple interface and easy layout.

Knock Knock Feature - Now you can see the live preview of the caller before you receive a call.
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High-Quality Video- Google was worked hard for maintaining the quality of the video and they optimise these apps so its work fast with high quality.

Android/iOS - Duo is available in play store for android and apple store for iOS for Pre-Register

Pre-Register Duo

Google Allo and Duo is blast off the market and it can replace WhatsApp messenger and other messaging and video calling apps.

Credit-Some of the images is coming from the source of the google.

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