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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Top 5 Best Cricket Games For Pc (Amazing Graphics)

Hii, there Today I'm going to show you the Top 5 Best Cricket games for Pc. So Keep watching and let's get started.


Cricket is a game that everyone loves to play and sometimes it becomes more interesting.

So, let's look 5  cricket games that you love definitely.

5) Cricket Revolution 

Source - Google

Cricket Revolution is a game that is very popular but not liked by too many people because it is very hard to play and in low Pc, it hangs and sometimes Pc get off but for cricket lovers, it is the best game according to its size.If you like to play multiplayer games it definitely gets liked by you.

Source - Google

Its features are as follows

1)Special Delivery

2)Good Running
3)Proper team management
4)Look's 3D
5)Get easy bowling
And much more.

4) Brian Lara Cricket 2007 

Source - Google

Brian Lara Cricket 2007 is one of the best 3D cricket games enjoyed by the people.Here you can play with your favorite team like India, Australia etc.
In this game, you will get all things compared to other games but it's not too much popular than other.If you want to purchase you can but this game wasn't too much optimized.You do not get too much enjoyed by playing this game.

Its features are as follows-

1)Look easy
2)Feel real
3)Good cricketing shots
4)HD display
5)Toss before started
And much more.

3) Ea Cricket 2007

Source - Google

Ea cricket is a fantastic game and it is most popular cricket game in the world.This game is played by me and I liked the way of bowling, umpiring etc.It has some bugs but not shows all times.Ea cricket is very popular and you can hit a big sixes as well.You can get lots of wickets.In, future I reviewing this game, I'm sure because it is very good game for low PC and me someplace this is no.1 game.
You get a good layout and easy to use the game.Very easy control and navigation.

Its features are as follows

1)Easy control
2)Easy taking wicket
3)Easy running on low pc
4)Look real
5)Get Semi-auto fielding 
6)Get proper dress
7)Player looks real
8)Patches are available
9)Replay column
10)Spin the bowl as possible.
And much more.

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2) Ashes Cricket 2009

Moving to our best part of this series of top 5 cricket games.
Now, this is the game.Presenting Ashes Cricket 2009 it is very good and the fantastic game you definitely thank me for playing this.Here you can get the different signal of an umpire.Here you get run out the review and LBW decision checkup.
You can hit monster six get lots of wickets and enjoy taking catches.

Its features are as follows-

1)Show LBW 
2)Runout review
3)Look real
4)Catch-bowl manually
5)Easy to play
6)Six on timing
7)HD display
9)Cool Layout
10)Types of best shots
And much more.

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1) Don Bradman Cricket 14

Don Bradman Cricket 14 is the best cricket game on the internet.I've no words to tell about how good is this game. I definitely make a review of this game also, so you know that how good is this game see the screenshots below.


It's really become funny sometimes and you definitely enjoy it download the game now.

You get the following feature in Don Bradman Cricket 14.Don Bradman Cricket 14 has some great features of catch via diving or dive to prevent runout.

1)LBW review

2)Runout Review
3)You can create your team.
4)You can make your 11 players.
5)The IPL team, big bash team, international team squad etc.
6)Manual LBW appeal
7)Manual Fielding
8)Spin the bowl

9)Swing The  Bowl

10)Real feeling
11)Special delivery like tops spinner, doosra etc.
12)HD game
13)Replay Layout
14)Replay features(you can replay again and again)
15)You can play orthodox shots.
And many more features...

Purchase Don Bradman Cricket 14 

Update - Ashes Cricket 2017

Source - CricketCastle

This is one of the Best Cricket games ever in the Industry, the player will look like real and actions of players are similar.

It has some great features like

1) DRS 
2) All DBC14 Features 

Buy Ashes Cricket 2017

Cricket games are very popular games on PC and it's played by millions of people because this types of games interact you and cricket game is live downloaded by thousands of people.

Hope you like this "Top 5 Best Cricket Games for PC", if you like it then don't forget to share it.


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