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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Whatsapp Gold Alert : Scam Or Genuine By TipskiTricks

If you are using WhatsApp you might get a message that a newer version of WhatsApp gold arrives and it is secret but do you think its really.First, I want to tell you that don't download Whatsapp Gold.

What's The Message Told?

The message is 

The Message told that - WhatsApp gold version has leaked and they told that this version is used by big celebrities. 

The message told that it has many advance feature like WhatsApp video calling.Delete message that is sent my mistake and it told that WhatsApp gold is only sent by invite.

Guys Don't Activate Whatsapp Gold.

What Happen If You Download Whatsapp Gold?

If you download WhatsApp Gold you invite hacker to hack your device.

If you download it,some malware attack on your mobile device and try to steal the data.
If you have any app like state bank,union bank your login and card detail might go to the hackers servers.

so don't download Whatsapp Gold.Share this post with everyone and tell them not to download.

How Happens  If I Already Download And How To Fix

If you already downloaded the Whatsapp Gold (real scam) then you are the unluckiest one and you're all data goes to the hackers servers.

If you want to fix it then Reset your android device and done!!

Share this post because WhatsApp gold is virally shared and we have not given the hackers our precious data.
Whatsapp Gold Steal Our Precious Data So, Don't download it

You can also see a video on it.

Watch Video


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