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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Capture Chrome Screen And Annotate | Best Extension For Screen Shots

Hello, Do you make the tutorial for your website and needs to take a screenshot of that and annotate by blurring, showing arrows, writing something for tutorials and annotate your screen. Today I'm going to tell you about best extensions in which you can capture your screenshots.

First, click on this link to download your extension. After installing your  application it looks in your chrome so click on that and create an account .

Now after successfully installing press the following keys for the following function.
First Download Successfully then try these keys.

CTRL + Shift + v is used to capture visible part of the page only what you see in the screen it capture all and redirect a screenshots to its editors where you can annotate.

This key is used to capture selected part of the page suppose you not want to take a full screenshots just want a little part of the screen. If you press CTRL + Shift + S you have option to select the screen to crop and capture screen shots.

This shortcut is amazing and this feature is what I searching from a while. Suppose if you press this button now you see the that this extension capture the entire TAB (SCREEN).Which means it take a screen shots of whole page and merge it to make a single image that is the image of whole page.

OK,this is by default setting you can also change it.

After completing action and taking screenshots you will be redirect to a page of editor like this in the image.

After taking screenshots you will be redirected to this page and here you get option to modify,animate,annotate etc just like I added a arrow.

Note - First Take Screenshots with the key CTRL + SHIFT + V or S or E you will be redirected to editor where you can annotate.

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