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Thursday, 9 June 2016

How to Increase Your Blog Page Views? Blogging Strategies

Increase blog page views
Increase Your Blog Pageviews

If you created your blog and you have not too much page views your hard works may be fall but today we are going to show you "How To Increase Your Blog Pageviews". 

Create E-Books For Your Visitors

Ebooks are the most popular types of book for the internet and most widely used by many bloggers.Let me show you "How to make e-books".

  1. Open Microsoft word and write your books,write the content up to 1500+ words.
  2. After writing your book analyze it and don't make the grammatical mistakes.
  3. If you end your writing,you have the job to convert it into PDFs.
  4. To convert into PDFs open google and search for the word to pdf converter.
Read Also - How to convert Word into PDFs

After converting your word to pdf now publish on your site to download e-books.Use software like Mediafire to upload ebooks on your blog.

Interacts With Your Visitors 

website visitors

To interact with your visitors,reply them in comments.If you reply your comment your visitor must like it and enjoy your blog.If People are asking the question in your blog .
Interact with visitors really gives more traffic and suggestion brings the user back to your website.

Make Your Site Responsive

Responsive site
Make your site responsive

Responsive site or mobile friendly sites help to attract your visitors on mobile.Everyone have the smartphone nowadays so it is mandatory to make your site responsive.
To check your site is responsive or not go to -
If your site is responsive then thumbs up and if not make your site responsive by choosing responsive themes from the internet.

Concentrate On Seo To Increase Pageviews

SEO [Search Engine Optimization] is most important for each and every website and blog.
I have already created an article on SEO so I request you to read that article for Killer SEO tips.

In short, use labels,permalink and description for your blog and maintain a consistency for your blog.

Enable Guest Blogging

It is the most important part to enable guest blogging because some people interested in your and want to write for you so,enable guest blogging.If you used WordPress they  option for guest blogging but in blogger there is no option but you can make.

Guest blogging
Guest Blogging

How To Enable Guest Blogging On Blogger

To enable guest blogging on blogger,just create a page of guest blogging with terms and condition and told them to write in their blog and save as draft.Now,told them to copy HTML code from that post and send it to your mail.

Promote Your Blog On Social Network

Social Media

Promoting your blog on social media is very important. 40% of traffic comes from social media.Twitter,facebook,Instagram etc are very important.
Post a tweet on twitter for every post and reach the audience from twitter.
Create a facebook page and invite people to like it so that you convert your visitors into followers.
Be active on social media especially - twitter and facebook.
Half of the world use facebook so it is necessary for you to make the facebook page.

Embed Social Media Buttons 

Add Follow Button To Your Blog
Add Follow Button To Your Blog

Embedding social media button is very necessary for blogger because a person or visitor come to your website and if they follow you on twitter,facebook then they receive your updates to their inbox,it is the way of converting visitors into viewers.

For eg- you can embed your facebook page to blogger or you can embed twitter follow button to your blog.

Make Your Blog Interesting By Making Apps And Extensions.

Create Your Own Android Apps
Create Your Own Android Apps

Think unique that how can you make your blog interesting.To make your blog interesting first, create an extension for your blog.
You can create an extension from the site .
Think again that what are missing.You can make apps so the visitors can easy view your blog daily and you get many page views.
You can create an app from . 

Make Your Blog Easier To Read

Easy to read
Easy to read

Making your blog beautiful is not matter but the matter is something that visitors or viewers can easily see your blog.Select a good font that is easy to read.I've seen a lot of bloggers that they used fancy text and the text not look properly and their blog doesn't grow.
If you have good font it will attract more visitors.

Explain Each And Everything By Image If Possible

Explain Each And Everything If Possible
Explain Each And Everything If Possible

Some of the people hate reading but for them, you can insert some royalty free images that make your blog look attractive.
Insert image when possible with screenshots.
The image is most usable and if you use an image you can explain it more visually.
Try to explain everything with image and this tricks works.

Don't Post About News

The news is very popular but it stops traffic a lot and your blog is like a dustbin.Let me explain that about news post.If you post about the news it generates much traffic but not for too many days only for 4-5 days and the stops and your blog is not like a blog it is like a dustbin.

Want To Take a Long Jump To Increase Daily Pageviews?

This is the most important secret that is the long jump.How to take a long jump to gain many views in a week.This secret is the tricks behind it.
You thinking that what is the tricks for taking long jump.Let me tell you how to gain many views in one week.
In this tricks, you can get up to 5,000+ pageviews in a day.
I showing you how can you get more traffic in one week by this simple illustration.

Here are the tricks,
Around 45% of traffic may come if you write a guest post on another relevant blog.
Around 50% Of traffic come for writing a brilliant post on your blog.
Around 5% traffic come if you optimized your blog for SEO.

So,Find a relevant blog which has the guest post , like it is the relevant blog that has to enable guest post and you will definitely get traffic if you write for the blog that has the guest post.

So,think you have written many guest post at many blogs and now you gain traffic but 50% of traffic come if your blog has big,wonderful,amazing post (up to 800 words)so write the big post and useful relevant information.

Now think you have written amazing post and you have also started doing guest post now look at SEO I have a post on Blogger SEO click on the link Blogspot Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips For Bloggers

Now if you have done 3 of things you get tons of traffic daily up to 500-1000 page views.
And if you follow all given step on this page you can get up to 5,000+ page views daily.

Let me know what do you think in comments below and please follow our blog for more update about the post.

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