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Friday, 3 June 2016

Mobile Phone Battery Explode Myths - Must Read

If you have any confusion about mobile phones that battery are burst stay tuned and I will clear all your mistakes.Cellphones battery are really dangerous as we know lithium is dangerous things and battery is very dangerous.

Will Your Battery Burst?

A battery is dangerous things and Samsung,HTC,L.G etc knows it and take precaution very carefully.So,there is no chance for the battery to burst.Use your phone freely and there is no case that your battery is burst.

Will Your Battery Burst While Charging and Operating At Same Time?

No,don't take the tension your battery never burst while charging and operating at same time.It is guaranteed by me because companies know that some work can be done while charging.

If you heard any case  that anyone battery burst there will we something unusual.
A person doing something experiment with mobile so there is the chance but don't fear and use mobile as usual.

Will Your Battery Burst While Charging Your Phone Overnight?

No,your battery never burst while charging the phone overnight.
A normal person wakes up in the morning,take their phone and went off to office/work and when they come in the night their battery will be low so they need to charge half night but who awakes in half night.
Guys,use your phone and charge at overnight it doesn't burst.

I heard many mobile phone myths that you heard on Whatsapp,facebook that phone radiation cause heart failure and brain hamrage but don't believe any mobile and tech myths while company writes in their description.

If you are doing something unusual like you got a local battery and fix it so, the local battery can swell but it doesn't happen with an official battery of the phone.

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