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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Top 5 SEO Ready Blogging Themes/Templates For Your Blog

Templates and themes are the legs of your blog if you write a very good content on boring theme nobody going to read those and if your themes are awesome and beautiful everyone is going to see your content and if they liked they definitely subscribe to you and your blog grow up.

Top 5 Best SEO Ready Blogger Templates
Top 5 Best SEO Ready Blogger Templates

Today I'm going to review top 5 SEO ready themes/templates for your blog.

5-Vienna Lite 2 Blogger Template

Vienna lite 2 is highly optimized blogger templates and it is SEO ready so you definitely seem to look in a google search.In this blog template, you have to edit sidebar,menu bars etc.
It is very pretty in look and its UI is very cool and fantastic.

Vienna Lite 2
Vienna Lite 2 

4-Revoltify Alternate 2 Blogger Template

This theme is highly rated for SEO and there is a read more tab which is very good for your visitors.Its UI is very cute.
You can download this template.

Revoltify Template
Revoltify Template

Download This Templates

3-Ideas Mag Blogger Template

Ideas mag blogger template is the very beautiful template for your blog and you really loved it.
One thing I look at this template that it is SEO ready and responsive for the mobile user.
You can add featured image that is levitating awesome.

Ideas Mag
Ideas Mag

2-Better Mag Blogger Template

This template has a slider in which you can add featured post.This template looks like a pro.
This is a responsive template and has many features.You can add your own featured image and featured video.You have the gallery in your website.
It has the drop down menu which you have to edit it.

Better Mag
Better Mag

1-Saftey Blogger Template (Paid)

This is the number 1 pro template for blogger and looking so pro and fantastic just look a preview.They have very cool UI and HD looking template.They also provide news ticker.Just look a preview at things I notice that a visitors come to that site really loved and stay there for a long time.

Saftey Template
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If you have not more money you go with Better Mag Template.

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