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Friday, 29 July 2016

A to Z About How To Earn Money Online For Beginners

Hello and welcome to our websites as per we know that there is huge demand for the article How to earn money online but some of the writers are not starting from beginning and they directly told that make a blog, youtube channel, sell your material online but today I'm going to tell how to earn money online from beginning so if you are beginners don't go anywhere because this post is for you people who wanted to earn money online.
Without wasting any time let's get started by telling you to read this whole article it may be big for you but read and I guaranteed you will learn something big from this articles.

Earn money online
Earn money online

Earning money online is a great approach and if you are beginners and wanted to earn money as a full time or pending time, the Internet is good for you so buy a Good internet connection with good speed and setup it.

You Can Earn Money Online By Youtube.

Earn money online
Earn money online

Earning money by youtube is looks like little but of hard work but believe one video can make you the superstar on the internet.
Create a google account and also create a channel for youtube, if you use the internet you may know about how to create a youtube channel but if do not know click here and you will get tutorials.Now create your own logo for your channel and get started. Choose your youtube channel unique name because it helps you later when you create your social media accounts.

Upload a youtube video of your channels category doesn't upload anyone video otherwise, your channel will get block upload your own making video edit with the video editor.

Earn money online
Earn money online

After editing upload on youtube with proper title,tag,description and then create your schedule for your youtube channel. Upload 1 video daily or 1 video in two days so your audience knows you that when you upload a video.
If you lose you consistency then I 100 % guarantee you fail  because many big youtube channels lose their consistency and today no one watches their video so be aware of these things.

Create a good eye-catching thumbnail so anyone sees then he/she click on it.

Always use royalty free images while you making your thumbnail means don't use others thumbnail on your channel or don't include other pictures on your channel.

After good consistency of your youtube channel and after you get little subscriber get started with Adsense.

What Is Adsense?

Earn money online
Earn money online

Adsense is an advertising network for publishers that give you money when you show advertisers ads.So link your youtube channel with Adsense.

When you successfully link your youtube channel and get started to earn money online.
Earn money and interacts with your visitors/viewers on your youtube channel.
Don't tell anyone to click on your ads, you may get the block if you do this.

Read - Recieve Adsense Payment By Wire Transfer 

So I think you learn many and all information about Adsense,Youtube.

You Can Earn Money By Blogging

Earn money online
Earn money online

How can anyone give you free money?
The answer is by showing ads on your website, advertiser gives some money to Adwords  to show on your Adsense and if advertiser gives Adwords 10 $ then 6$ is your and $4 is of Adsense commission.

So, let's get started to earn money via blogging you can learn above that why you get money by displaying ads on your website. 

Little but Complicated and if you do not understand don't worry I explain you.

Create a blog. I recommend you to use blogger.com  as free then move to WordPress when you learn all things so, create your blog on blogger.com .

Apply a good theme/template to your blog.

After creating your blog and applying a good theme start writing a post and complete 40-50 Post in 2-3 month or before.

Do you know SEO?
If not let me explain SEO is called search engine optimization it is very important for blogger because writing a post is not matter the matter is Good views then you will get money.

Read via this link - 

Read this both article it is very important to read because it told you some blogger settings and how to increase your blog page views.

In blogger go to earning TAB and click Sign Up if you do not have to Sign Up button means you do not have sufficient post or traffic. Read all the above link to get the best result.

After you apply SEO to your blog and have 40-50 post apply for Adsense and within 7 days you get an approval message and click as the information given there then you done to see earning go to adsense.google.com and see you're earning.

I sure some of you does not get Adsense approval for them here is best Adsense alternatives.


By this method, you earn sufficient money.

In short, I want to tell that first choose blogger, then choose good templates, then start getting more views by writing the splended blog post,now apply for Adsense in "Earnings" Tab of your blogger Dashboard, start earning money.
And last I want to tell you that don't copy anyone gives you ads and you didn't earn.

Earning Money By Blogging is the Most Famous Ways to Earn Money Online, People earning so much money by blogging, I'm sure you will be success too.

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