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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Adsense Disapproved ?? What To Do

Adsense is the best Ad network to earn money and there are there are few people whose websites are very popular but their Adsense account was disapproved in this case some people leave their business of blogging,some start another blog but I think it was not good because there is still chances to earn money even your Adsense account was disapproved.
Today I will show you "how you can earn lots of money without Adsense".


Earn money by some other Ad Network

1- Infolinks - This is a great ad network when your Adsense was disapproved here you have to submit a blog for approval and they took up to 7 days to send an email that your blog is disapproved or approved.It pays you via PayPal.

2- - This is the website that sells ads direct to you.You need to leave a space for your website and they automatically place ads on your site.

3- Media.Net - This is just another ad network similar to Google Adsense.They have quality ads on your website.It is contextual ads of Yahoo And Bing.

4- - This is another one and the needs of this website are content so write 50 posts and then send your website to them.This is great ad network and you can earn more from this site. - Taboola is the great related post ads network that automatically create ads on the related post and it gives lots of money.

In this types of website you have to wait for approval and sometimes these websites doesn't give approval and you again lose lots of confidence.In this case there, in the below, there is a name of some websites that gives quick approval.

Websites That Gives Quick approval

1- - Normally,Chitika is also giving approval but in some cases, it doesn't comply with your site but fell free to use Chitika as alternatives.

2- - This always gives you a quick approval just enter a website and they will give you code for your site and then you were done and your site is monetized but remembers,it gives money when user completes is the process.

3- - This is a great site and gives quick approval for ads but the problem is it only runs in HTTP and if you use HTTPS like me then you could not see your Ads.

4- - This is URL shortening site which also gives the option to monetize your site. Go if this is last option for you.

So there is few site to start up after losing Google Adsense you can also earn money.

There are more tips to earn money online when your Google Adsense is disapproved.The method is earning by sponsor so let's get started.

Earn Money From Sponsors 

Blog sponsor is great to earn money,by writing one post you can get 300-500 $ at once so I think you want to know how to tell sponsors about your blog.

Method 1 

If you have an affiliate account from Flipkart,Snapdeal so you get an email per week so you can reply to those email by talking about sponsor post If they will approve then it's good and when they do  try another method.

Method 2 
Go to the company sites and tell them in their contact form.
Tell about your blog,tell about your views,tell about your subscriber,tell how you earn money from them,tell them how your blog profit them.

If you Google Adsense got disapproved you can also fix an issue on your site and then reapply again.
If you don't know about an issue just comment your blog name and I will mail you what is the problem on your site.

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