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Friday, 1 July 2016

How To Write a Viral Blog Post

If you are Blogger, don't try to skip this post just read it, and I'm going to show you how to write a viral post for your blog so get ready for it and read this whole post.

What Is Viral Post

The viral post simply means the post that has the number of page views.If your blog has 1 Viral Post, then you are great, and it helps a lot for you.Every blogger must need one viral post to grow.If you have not more page views your viral post may pass traffic to your older post.

How To Write a Viral Post

To write a viral post you need to do research on that because one post can change your full blog.To do the research use the best search engine "Google".

First, select a unique topic for your blog and search it on google and see that how many people were written about that if you see many peoples are writing about that just choose another topic.[Remember you not writing a post you are writing viral post if you are writing post choose any topic] 
Try to choose the topic unique.If you have tips and tricks, blog you can choose the topic that cannot be written by everyone.
In this example, I pick the topic "How to Write a Viral Blog Post" and search it on Google.

Search Result

See that very few people write about the viral post so I choose that topic and write about How to Write a viral blog post.

Now suppose you choose the unique topic now real magic is the content,choose something Controversial,funny content to write.

And guys if you have no idea to choose topic write about the cotent that is trend , use google trends 

Use reddit to derive traffic all you have to do is create a account and start submitting articles.

So i talk about viral post is you have a share butto on your site if not embed it because share button help for viral post,twitter helps a lot for you.

Now the simple steps you need to follow-

Choose unique topic,write about that,Submit url to google,share on twitter,facebook,reddit etc and see the magic and if you successfully index on google your post must be viral if google have not more post like that.


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