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Friday, 1 July 2016

Which Comment System Is Best For Blogger

Comment is the best way to engage with your customers/traffic of your blog.They must comment if they like or dislike so today I'm going to tell you the best comment system for your blog so stay tuned.

I like the google+ comment system, but it's not too much engaging, so I try the many comments system for my blog, and the Best one is DISQUS comment system.

Visit disqus.com and create your new account, enter your site and add widgets to your blog.

After adding widgets, I'm going to tell you why Disqus is the best comment system.

Why Disqus is Best Comments System

•Disqus is best because it has multiple login systems.
•It has many filters like approved, spams, etc.
•Auto spam detection.
•Very engaging
•Looks Beautiful
•Also Monetize your blog
•Get More Comments
•Engaze and reply
•Emotions Available

This is the why I love the Disqus comments system.

Disqus comments system have pro dashboard for e.g., if you visit yoursite.disqus.com you can directly see the comments no need to open the post just reply from the dashboard but in google+, you have to go in the post to reply.In Disqus, you can get the option for monetizing your blog content.

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