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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Blogger SEO To Rank #1 In Google Search

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is a great things or key to rank #1 in Google. SEO is very important for each and every blogger because it help us to rank on google.
Every things that you search on "Search Engine" (Google), and all result is visible because of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) .

blogger seo

In this post I'm going to tell you something great about SEO which help you to rank #1 On Google. If you read  our previous blog post and if you implement those things you definitely get ranked on google.

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If you read our both blog post then you ready to start implementing this things that I explain you today. Our previous blog post tells that how to rank in google and explain you little about SEO moreover I tell you some settings for blogger to rank higher so it is very important for you to read our previous blog posts.

If you ready to go and you've read our previous blog post then follow the given steps in the below to Rank #1 In Google .

Now, ready to boost 

3 Qualification To Rank #1

First to rank higher you have to imply and implement a qualification for your blog, I think its going little bit complex but in easy you must to qualify for the needs given below-

1- You must have minimum 1000 Words in each post or the post which you want to rank because google love contents.

2- Second qualification is you must have evergreen content if you don't know what is "evergreen" let me explain.

"Evergreen" means fresh content which is never be unfresh for eg-  "Blogger SEO" is a fresh content because even after 10 years it works but if you have written some news content then tomorrow it must be unfresh because news is not alive every time.

3- Your blog must be have 20+ post that help to rank in google. (Important : Generally or sometimes google index the blog which have more than 15-20 posts).

3 Steps To Rank #1 (Important)

Now the three steps that helps you to rank #1 on Google are given below follow and implement.

Google SEO

1- Signup on Google Search Console

First click here  and sign up for Google Search Console. Then submit your website and verify your ownership.

Verify Website Ownership - Read

After setup every things move to step 2.

2- Some Important Steps / Settings

After verifying your ownership submit a Sitemap to google, if you don;t know how to submit a sitemap click here .

If you don't know how to make sitemap just replace your website the copy the code and submit to google.

Sitemap for site type.



This sitemap is already made for you just copy and paste to google.

3- Full N Final SEO

•Lets talk about some basic SEO to maintain the level and quality of blogger.

•Use labels,parmalinks and description properly in blogger, sometimes people forget about these things but they don't know that a single labels may help lots of people to find you.

•Use bold/italics/underlines to highlight important things.

•Submit URL to google when your new blog posts is ready. To submit your blog post URL to google click here . 

•Share your blog post to atleast 4 soical media sites like Facebook,Twitter,Google+,Snapchat/Instagram.

•Create your own app for your websites if you are beginners you may use appgeyser.

Things that have Value For Search Engines

1- First things is don't copy from other, google hate this and definitely low your ranking too much and if owner see it you get copyright strikes.

2-Second things to notice is that while submitting your site to search console don't submit other sites .

3- Learn from others and implement that is best way.

4- I have try all these things and it worked! for me.

My thoughts for the people who are blogger

If anybody says you to leave the blogging because you do not get views please don't forgive because at start everyone have no experience.

If you didn't learnt anythings and don't know SEO and other things which irritate you please continue your blogging because if you written 20 posts you have good experience for SEO

Something is better than nothing in blogging also , if you have not time and content for minimum 1000 words try at least 100 words.

If anyone tells you to quit blogging NEVER quit because in blogging you are teacher and if teacher not teaches how student can learn.
SEO is not everythings content is more important in my point of view
Last but not least that one comment or share make me happy:)

Don't Forget to comments and see our previous blogpost that is matter a lot


  1. That is one well explained detailed article. What else can one do in order to promote their blog other than sharing their blog on social media? I have heard that other off page submission techniques like SBM are also effective.

    1. yes ! stay tuned with us and I will tell you how to rank your blog on top of google with site submission