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Sunday, 4 September 2016

How to earn money online from Affiliate Marketing?

How to earn money online from Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn money online. Most of the blogger earn lots of money online with affiliate marketing as compare to the ad network. From the websites like Flipkart , Amazon and Snapdeal you can earn lots of money from them by affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing

How to start affiliate marketing?

The websites which offers affiliate marketing, by signing up you can start there. Just fill the forms that they show on their site and sign up on that site. The few popular website for Affiliate Marketing to start is Flipkart , Amazon And Snapdeal.

How to earn money with affiliate marketing?

affiliate marketing

When you sign up and ready to go you have many options to choose. If you have any blog/websites you can start there by showing their ads on your blog and daily if any visitors likely to buy that product (ads) you get commission upto 12%. It means you gets lots of money by commission. Suppose that, if 10 persons buy a single product of price 20,000 you get lots of commission and earn upto  Rs 30-50 thousands per day . If you shock then don’t shock because many of the blogger use the Affiliate marketing and  today I’m going to tell you how you can earn up to 20,000 Per day with Affiliate marketing. So let’s get starts.

Basics of Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is very much nice and basic of affiliate marketing is through show ads on sidebars of your blogs.
By showing  affiliate marketing  ads on the sidebar of your blog. Select and  show some attractive ads on your blog. You can show ads of Refrigerator, laptops and others electronic things because electronics things have many value and most of the people from ecommerce site purchase electronic things however, the commission is lowest in electronic things and higher in fashions products.

Now after embedding the ads on your website and if your website is very high traffic you clearly see the result on your dashboards. By showing the ads on the sidebar of you blog you can earn upto 4- 5 thousands per day if your blog have sufficient page views per day. If you have very low traffic don’t worry you can apply the tips and tricks to grow affiliate marketing.
The Tips And Tricks To Earn More From Affiliate Marketing.

Concepts of affiliate marketing is target the user and make him that he purchase your product but it is not so simple because everyone is very intelligent. Here are some Tips and tricks to grow your affiliate marketing.

Tips #1- Create a awesome eye catching page and mentioned all the products on your blog.

 If you didn’t understand  let me tell you step by step.

Step 1- Create a page name that page store or your own choice.

Step 2 – Mentioned or show all the created links of mobiles from lowest to highest for eg-

Best Phone Under 6,000 –  Phone Name – Price –affiliate link

Best Phone Under 7,000 -  Phone Name – Price – affiliate link

Best Phone Under 8,000 – Phone Name – Price – affiliate link

Best Phone Under 9,000 – Phone Name - Price – affiliate link

Best Phone under 10,000 – Phone Name – Price- affiliate links

So you can see the example for how to create a awesome page which contain affiliate links. This types of page increase your views and earnings  by 20% more.

You can also create many pages for different products. I have shown example of mobiles you can also add fashion, clothes etc.

Tips #2- Always tell people to buy from your links.

When anyone ask you about any products in the comment box always gave them affiliate link where to buy from. This will increase your earning. By this method you can earn more 200 or 300 Rs because something is better than nothings.

Tips #3 – Reviewing the Gadgets.

affiliate marketing
Gadgets To Review

 Try to review some gadgets on your blog and believe this is one of the best method. Sometimes try to review some products like mobiles and tell your viewers their good and bad quality with pros and cons and after your review is complete, Put your affiliate link to buy that products. It is just like a refer.

Now I’m going to show you a quick and small format and example for reviewing the products.


•Products You want to review with title.

•Description of that products

•Body / Content / Review

•Good / Bad Qualities /Pros /Cons.

•Quick energetic word that your viewer can buy this product or not.

•Your affiliate link with buy now button.
Short Example-

Logitech Webcam Review(Title)

I bought this webcam from amazon and today I’m going to review this.(Description)

This webcam has 4.5 MP camera with good quality of lens (Content/Review)

I can say that the if there is more Megapixel then it is best but all in all its is good for simple video calling(Good/Bad)

I highly recommended this webcam to you.(Energetic Words)

BUY NOW (affiliate links)

So now I think the concept is clear to you .By trying this method you can easily earn upto 12,000 INR daily but make sure your review is unbiased because biased review is totally fake.

Tips #4 – Always tell your friends and family to buy from your link.

Try to buy every things for your friends and family from your affiliate link if your family shop upto 10,000 Rs monthly online then you earn upto 3,000 Rs extra without any hard work.

Tips #5- Socialize Your Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing
Socialize Your Content

If you have Facebook account, twitter account, linkedin and other social media site you can promote the products with the links so that if anyone want to purchase they can purchase easily and you get commission. I like to recommend Facebook because Half of the world use Facebook (50%)  and on facebook peoples are more active. My second recommendation is twitter because it work very faster.


affiliate marketing

•By concluding all I can easily say that affiliate marketing is not very simple and it took time  so try to increase your blog post that may help you to get more views and if you get more views, you can earn more from affiliate marketing.

•The Tips #3 is the most viral tips and the most profitable so that you can get more money. I highly recommended Tips #3 first.

 •Make your blog design responsive for affiliate marketing if your blog design is responsive for affiliate marketing then you just need to embed the ads.

•By making page from Tips #1 you can earn more because you that is specific page.

•By concluding all I want to tell you that if you apply these Tips and Tricks You earn 20,000+ Rs Per day.

Earning money is not every things you have to work hard for it. So let me know how many of you work hard tell me in the comments because affiliate marketing is the Money while sleeping.

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