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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Tips And Tricks To Get More YouTube Subscriber (YouTube Seo)

Hello friends if you want to get more YouTube subscribe and if you are struggling then please read this post because if you read this post you will definitely learn somethings new. So friends let's get started.

If your video is watched by large people then you will gain subscriber that means if you get more views you get more subscriber so let's find out "How To Get More Views"

How To Get More Views On YouTube Videos?

Content is very important things so if you have fresh and good content then you will definitely views.

How To Choose Best Content For YouTube

A best content have 100%  chance to get more views. Believe that YouTube loves the content.
According to a survey the people who don't have good tags or description but their content is good they will get 1,00,000+ views in a week.

I think you  understand the value of content and next time while making the video remember that the real things is "The Content" and make the content fresh and evergreen.

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Use Tags And Description Properly To Get More Views On YouTube

Youtube SEO
Youtube SEO

Tags are very important because it is keyword for your video so when anyone search your tag they found your video and you will get more views. To choose the tag properly you can use some premium tools like TubeBuddy.

Descriptions are your youtube video article. If you do not understand then just know that the main reason for the to get more views is your youtube. Make description long , I recommend 500+ words description. Let me show you Example for the correct description.

Description Format / Example
This video gives you information about Iphone 7. In this video I do a quick unboxing for Iphone 7. In this video you get the information  about how Iphone 7 works. You can also see Iphone 7 Unboxing at

Partipate In Giveaway Contest -

Follow us on twitter -
Follow us on facebook -
Subscribe on YouTube -

This is just small example of perfect description . With this much description you can get thousands of views.

Some Tools That Help You To Gain Subscriber On YouTube [TubeBuddy And vidIQ"]

I want to recommend a tools that is known as "TubeBuddy". This is very popular tools for youtube and every big channels definitely use this tools.

This tools will help you to know what your competitor are doing, you can see your competitors earning , tags and others things.

The second tools that I recommend you to use is "VidIQ". With the help of this tools you can rank higher on youtube because this tool automatically choose your TAGS, Titles And Description so you can get more views.

Maintain The Quality Of Your YouTube Video

Ok! so now is the difficult part and many were fail to maintain this. Quality is the reason why people are sharing your video.
If you loss the quality then no one like to watch them.
I recommend minimum 480P quality for your youtube video.

I want to recommend some camera to maintain the quality for your video

1- Cannon Powershot S 100 
2- Go Pro Hero 4 

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Youtube SEO : How To Get More Subscriber

There are some YouTube Seo to get more Subscriber. YouTube rank their video on the basis of watch time. So, when you have 1,000 Subscriber you can maintain your watch time and share it everywhere to increase your watch time.

You can use google keyword planner to search the term that you want in your title if the competition is less then you will get ranked on YouTube.

How To Get First 1,000 Subscriber On Your YouTube Channel

Now, this is very important topics because if you get first 1,000 Subscriber your channel must grow if you do not loose quality or another things that you are doing.

To get first 1,000 Subscriber first don't see the subscriber just upload 10 quality video for your channel on any topic and share it all around.
Share it on 50 Facebook group, Tell your channel information to people via twitter and after doing this you automatically see there is growth on your channel and by this process you get first 100 subscriber then apply the same method to get 1,000 Subscriber and after you get 1,000 subscriber you only need to share your video views will automatically come but one things is don't loose quality of your channel.

How To Boost Your Subscriber Suddenly [Viral Video]

If you have a channel and if any videos have 1,00,000 views then your subscriber must be 10,000 .
So , to make video viral think what is trending now . For eg - Reliance Jio is trending in India. So make a good video on reliance jio and create good titles and if your youtube subscriber is 2-3 thousand then your video might get rank on 1st and you may get 1 lakh plus views. 

Every big channels have their viral video and if you got 2 - 3 viral video then you got 30-40 thousand subscriber.

Conclusion (Must Read)

At last the conclusion is - 

1- Make Good Content Quality Video
2- Use Effective Titles
3- Enter Effective Tags And Description
4- Use Tools Like TubeBuddy And VidIQ 
5-Don't Forget About Trendy Topic To Make Viral Video
6- Publish your Video
7- That' sit


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