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Monday, 10 October 2016

AdsOptimal Review : A Great Adsense Alternatives

If your Adsense account is disapproved, then you might search for a Adsense Alternatives on Internet. Adsense has very strict rules that's why many of you might get disapproved. Today I'm going to tell you a great Adsense Alternative.

As you see in the title, the great Adsense alternatives is "AdsOptimal" So get ready for full review on Adsoptimal and please read till last because at last I tell you how to get 10$ bonus in Adsoptimal.

Adsoptimal Review

Adsoptimal Review

Adsoptimal is very nice and they have different varieties of Ads, they have also 360 degree Virtual reality Ads and the quality of Ads are awesome. I use Adsoptimal in this blog and you can see the quality of my ads. The page level ads of Adsoptimal is very responsive. The main thing that I use Adsoptimal because it collab with companies like Google Adsense. 
The minimum payout of Adsoptimal is $50. So let's look the Ads Type in mobile

Example Of Mobile Ads
This is example of mobile ads which is very responsive and combining all they have great variety of Ads. The page level Ads is used for mobile and Inline Ads Are used for Desktop so let's look Inline Ads type.

inline ads
Look This Is Inline Ads
So, these are examples of Inline Ads as you can see there are variety of option but this Ads are for Basic level.

They have very cool layout to see the Stats of your Ads as you can see below
Cool Layout For STATS

Earning FAQ

Ques - When you get Paid?
Ans - When earning is more than 50$ then you can receive payment in Payout TAB.

Ques  - What is the Ads Type?
Ans - There are both CPM and CPC Ads Which is beneficial.

Ques - Why I use Adsoptimal
Ans - Becasuse It is great Adsense Alternatives and payout system is awesome

Overall Performance

AdsOptimal Pass our overall performance and I score 81/100 Marks to AdsOptimal

Do I Recommend AdsOptimal Instead Google Adsense

Yes, you can try Adsoptimal instead of Google Adsense without and headache because it is best and if your website has so many views then its rock.

How To Get 10$ When Your Website Get Approved

To get $10 when you Signup on that site you have to signup using this link  and after your website get Approved then you get $10

Sign Up On AdsOptimal

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