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Thursday, 6 October 2016

How to Unlock Everything With Latest Caws in WWE SVR 2011

Hello! Guys if you play WWE SVR 2011 and if you like it and want to unlock all superstars without completing anythings or in SVR 2011 there is very old superstars and if you want new superstar like Roman Reigns , Dean Ambrose And Seth Rollins then its your days to read this full post and get detailed information about it.

How To Unlock All Superstar And How To Get New Superstar in SVR 2011

We have made 1 solution for your all problems

[Problem #1]How To Unlock All Superstar In SVR 2011

Friends, In SVR 2011 there are many superstar like The Rock , Goldust etc which are locked in the game and by completing some mission you can unlock this but it take so many times, it may take 1 months for you. So we have made very simple solution for your big problems.
We have a file which you can download from our site and when you put in appropriate location you get the all caws. If you have little but problem don't worry because your problem has very simple solution.[Check Below For This Solution]


[Problem #2]How To Get Latest Superstars In SVR 2011

Friends , In SVR 2011 there are very old Superstars. There is no Roman Reign ,Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose In SVR 2011 so it may get little but boring but today we are coming back with your 28+ latest Superstar Pack for SVR 2011. [Check Below For This Solution]

Both Problem Have Common Solution

You have to follow some steps.

1) Download .ps2 File From here Download Now

2) After Downloading This File Don't Open this file just open its folder

3) Copy The File by selecting the file and pressing CTRL + C

4) Now Go To this location C:\Users\Your Pc\Documents\PCSX2\memcards or Go to documents and then open PCSX2 Folder and then open memcards.

5) Now Paste This File in the memcards folder by pressing CTRL + V

7) Now Open Your Game And Check Your Created Superstar And All Unlocked Superstar.

8) Enjoy :)

Video Tutorials

Watch this Video as this video tells that download the file by clicking on this link and then copy that file and paste in the C:\Users\Your Pc\Documents\PCSX2\memcards Folders then paste and after pasting check the game.

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