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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Earn Double With Media.net : The Best Adsense Alternatives

Google Adsense is a great Ad network for blogger but what happened if your Adsense got disapproved or if you want to double your blogger earning you might search on google for the best Adsense Alternatives.

According to a research it has found that Media.net is a best Adsense Alternatives. Today, I'm going to review Media.net.

media.net earning

earning media.net

Approval Process

Media.net is a very strict Ad network because it has to maintain quality of their Advertisers so they not approved everyone, if you just started your blog don't apply for Media.net but if you have spend 1 Years of Blogging then you can apply because Media.net need experience blogger have much traffic and if your traffic come from US then it is great for you.

Media.net is a awesome Ad network and they provide variety of Ads as you can see below.

Ads Types : Display Ads

Display Ads Sizes

Media.net provide variety of Ads as you can see Ads sizes in images below
They provide all popular sizes for your website to display.

Offer Types - CPC (Cost per Click)

Check out - What Is CPC, CPA, CPM, CPL

Features Of Media.net

1- You can customize your Ads Unit with all variety of colors.

2- Display Ads Sizes ⋗ All Sizes are Available

3- Mobile Ads Unit  Available

4- Implementation Type  HTML/Javascript

5- Payment Method  Paypal or Wire Transfer

6- Terms Of Payment  Net-30

7- Minimum Payment  $100

They have technology in their coding so they do not affect your website SEO and Website Speed and they have related Ads for your website so people can click it for their benefits.

Contact Information

For new Person/People - [email protected]

For Existing Publisher - [email protected]

Overall Rating


ratings media.net

Overall they have very good ads, peyment method, contact support so I give 5 star to Media.net.

Apply For Media.net

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