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Friday, 23 December 2016

How To Make a Rap Song - Convert Your Voice into Rap

Today, we are going to rock like a rockstar because today I'm  going to show you "How To Make a Rap Song or How to Convert Your Voice into Rap"

So, get set ready to Rap like as rockstar. First you have to download the App which is called "AutoRap by Smule" simply search this app on Playstore or  click below to download this app for Android Device and Iphone.

Download Auto Rap For Android

Download AutoRap For Iphone/Ipad

Features of AutoRap

⇾Over 100 beats of all artist
⇾Auto correct your mistakes
⇾Share your Rap in one click

There is two modes for AutoRAP

1- Talk Mode

In talk mode just talk with this App and this app convert your voice into Rap.
There are few premium songs which might cost few charge.

2- Rap Mode

In Rap mode this app only give background music all Rap is depend on your quality of singing.

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Pros - What is Good Quality

There are things that might make this App best like they create Autorap, they have different background music and this app is easy to use.

Cons - Bad Quality of This App

There are few bad quality that I get is there are very few Free music only 1 or 2 and all musics or tones are premium.


Source Youtube Channel - Smule

Audience Review 

Source - Playstore

Source - Playstore

Overall Review

This app is great but it is not too good so don't take it serious just make it simple and enjoy with your friends and family.

Overall Ratings

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