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Friday, 6 January 2017

How to Sell Digital Products (Ebook) on Your Website

Most of the bloggers use Ebook to earn money online and more than 35% bloggers sell their ebook online. If you want to make more money rather than showing ads then the best way is to selling any digital products like Ebook, Software etc.

sell your digital products online

Today, I will tell you a website that helps you to sell your any digital products online. 

Questions that were Asked


Q-1 ) How to Sell Ebooks Online
Q-2) How to Sell any Digital Products Online
Q-3) How to Publish an Ebook Online
Q-4) How to Sell Ebook on Your own Site
Q-5) Tools that helps to Sell your Ebook Online
Q-6) Website to Sell your Ebook
Q-7) How to Sell any Products Online
Q-8) How to Sell Digital Books Online
Q-2) How to Sell your PDFs Online
Q-2) How to Sell Your T-Shirt Online

We are going to answer all these ten questions in detail and at last I' m also going to tell you how you can sell your physical products like T-Shirt or any mobile.

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Website or Tools To Sell Your Ebook Online

Gumroad (Free)

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© Copyright - Gumroad is best site to sell your digital or physical products online. I personally use this site because it automates each and every features.
When any users purchase anythings, it directly mail the download link of that Ebook to user email so it is super easy.

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It is free because when any user paid you, this website get 5% + 25¢ per order.
You can use this site and earn lots of money by just selling digital products and remember that you can also sell your physical products like T-Shirt, Mobiles etc.

After signing up you can start uploading your products on their website. After choose / create a powerful cover photo and upload it on the cover photo of Ebook.

After successfully create your Ebook you can share it to whole world you embed to your Blog/Websites.

SendOwl (Paid) is paid website but remember that paid is better than free. Their dashboard is very clean that you can analysis your growth. 
Their Plan is 9$ per months. 

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You can also start your free trial. I like this tools but only reason that I not using is because it is paid.

Now, There is a free and paid tool that I tell you so you can choose whatever you like.

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The Products that You Can Sell on your Website


PDFs (Ebooks)

T-Shirt of your Company/Brand

Your Course for any Tutorials

Your Books




So, first create your ebooks and then upload it to Gumroad after that paste the HTML code to your website and then you done!

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