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Friday, 13 January 2017

Step-by-Step Guide To Make Money Online in 2017

Making money online is never been easier and if you are beginners than you might be thinking that why anyone give you money online or you have any question regarding any topics on making money online, I guaranteed that after reading this whole article you really make money online.

how to make money online in 2017

Making money online is depend upon that what are your profession or in simple word what is your special quality. If you know any tips, tricks, tutorials, guides, etc or any other things then you choose blogging which is perfect. If you are professional log maker or website designer. then you choose freelancing. Don't afraid about these things because I will tell you in details just read out whole article to know about it.

Now, I've written many ways to make money online so make sure you read that post.

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  Yes, it is true and now I have list of different ways to make money online so it is your choice and decision to choose correct path.

1. Make Money Online with Blogging

If you wanted to share your feeling, your ideas, love, articles or any point of view then choose blogging. As I told earlier that blog is like a website in which you can share your feelings, thoughts etc like my blog that you read is also type of blog in which I shared my ideas that 'How to Make Money Online in 2017'

Best Free Blogging Platform (Blogger)


The best free blogging platform is . It is the best free blogging website to create your blogging site to create your blog. The reason it is free because it has subdomain for your blog (eg- but you can also add custom domain later. However, it is free and you can make money online from it because it has in-built Google Adsense which allow you to show ads on your blog and make money online.

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After your Adsense reaches $100 google can send your payment directly to your bank. You can also apply for any other Ad Provider like, Adsoptimal, Adcash etc

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After you blog on you need to apply proper SEO for your blog which you can any apply on your blog checkout here

Ebook - How to Grow you Blog on for just 3$ 1.95$ after applying offer code 'tipskitricksoffer

Best Paid Blogging Platform (Wordpress)

The best paid blogging platform is wordpress . is really beneficial and useful to create your blog because you get thousands of free andpaid themes which you can apply, you can also install several plugin that makes your blog very beautiful and believe me you can make $1000-$2000 in just 1 year when you start your blog because Wordpress SEO is very awesome.


You can apply for Google Adsense, or any other ad network for this blog. Wordpress provides thousand of plugin to improve experience of blog including share button, stats etc.

You can also search for wordpress tutorial on Google and Youtube

blogger vs wordpress

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If you love blogging than write for us

Recommended Platform:- Wordpress

2. Earn Money With Freelancing

Freelancing is very powerful ways to make money online. If you are professional logo or website designer or any other graphics designer then this field is for you. Freelancing can make you millionaire because some of their projects are very high price (more than 6000$) which is great for anyone. Now $6000 is only for 1 project suppose if you got 3 big project in a month then you earn more than $18000 which is very big price but its depends upon company choice to hire their best creator.


Best Website For Freelancing

Here are the list of the best site of freelancing on the Internet.

This is great website to get started just create your account, setup your BIO (About You) and your specialty in the Bio.
After setting up profile, search the project of your interest and which you would like to earn money.

Freelancer✔ is a verified and trused website so you can start doing work from this site.

Payment Method:- Paypal/Credit Cards


It is one of the friendly website to the users because when any seller create Gigs (Digital Products) very easily and set a different price for it. They have many features like in each products you can add multiple plans (Basic-Premium)

Just like you have to setup your profile and started selling Gigs (Digital Products). You can setup different price from $5 to $995.

If anyone buys your gigs, you will be payed by   is also a trusted site for making payments so you can setup your account.

Payment Method:- Paypal

Just like fiverr and freelancer it is also a freelancing website where you can earn too much money. It is my one of the favorite website that I like. Upwork pays you on the basis of per/hour that means you have to setup that how much money you are taking per/hour. They track your work via their desktop app. All the methods are same as fiverr and

Once your profile is setup it goes under review to look that your are a verified and professional so make your Bio(About You) like a professional. is full trusted site and if you are well experienced than you can generate lots of money from it.

Payment Method:- Paypal

In freelancing, the company will specially see your description, your Bio (About You) and all other things about you so make sure you have write well description and Bio like a professional
Recommended :- Upwork and Fiverr

3. Make Money By Teaching Online

Now, in teaching online is similar to blogging but in blog we have to write it & in teaching online it features with video.

Now, below is the few websites which allow you to teach online by uploading videos.

Make Money By Posting Videos on Youtube is world 2nd most viewed website in the world so I think itis the best platform to make money online.

On Youtube you have to make your video & upload it daily or twice a week or as your wish and then you can enable Adsense on your video and then by showing video Ads you can earn money online.

If you have lots of subscriber than than you can generate thousands of dollar. 
If your video have a lots of views it generate more income so if you will get more views you will get more money.

Make Money By Selling your Courses Online

Selling any course is also the part & art of teaching. 
To create your own course you have to spend at least 10 days on it. 

How to Create Your Own Course

To create your own course you have to spend few days on it. First download any screen recording software if you want to create computer tutorials or buy a professional camera to create your own teaching video. However, it depends on your course.

After that edit your video with best video editors and make sure your course has duration of minimum 8-10 hours which is very good for buyers.

here are the best site to sell your online course

It is best and recommended site to sell your course online. Udemy is the powerful & best sites used by most online seller.

So, I recommend to try Udemy

You can upload or ship your courses on Udemy and earn a lots of money online.

Udemy is pretty much easier tool to sell your courses.

Payment Method:- Paypal


You can also earn money by selling your courses online. On Flipkart you can make your profile and start selling courses on it but it need full of verification all many things.

Like Flipkart, Amazon and snapdeal are free site to start selling your courses.
You have to do many kind of things eg- setup each and everythings from courses to shipping. It is headache but you can also choose another option.

Sell your courses

By Selling Your Products on Your Website

If you have any blog/website you can also sell your products on your own website like me.

For selling your products on your own website you need any tools that allows your to sell your products. Here is Gumroad which allows you to sell your products online for free on your website.

4. Make money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is form of promoting products of e-commerce site or any site and if your visitors buy their products you'll get some commission.

Affiliate marketing can earn more than google adsense but your commission is depends on type of products. As a example if your visitor buy products worth $10 then you will get $1-$1.5 commission and if your visitors buy a products of $1000 then you will get commission of $60-$70 which is very high.

There are few websites that provides Affiliate Marketing and make you earn lots of money.

Websites That Provides Affiliate Marketing 

Here are few websites that provides Affiliate marketing

As we know that flipkart is one of the popular e-commerce websites so by promoting their products you can make too much money.

You have to put their banner on sidebar or anywhere on the blog so if anyone buys it. You will get some commission.

Yes, is also providing Affiliate Marketing for publishers so you can also earn from

Same as you can also earn money from Snapdeal by adding their banner code on your website.

affiliate marketing

Amazon provides the best affiliate programs as compare to snapdeal and flipkart. It gives more commission than other so go ahead and sign up Affiliate Programs Of Amazon.

It Provides <HTML> code for your website to show their banner Ads. (Commission Junction)

It is the best and recommended websites for Affiliate Programs. They have thousands of programs so you can apply for it. provides the functional and easy layout to earn money.
As it's name commission junction you will get lot's of commission as big as $1000 .

If you join their program they will give $40-$50 (As Per need) per CPA (Cost Per Action)

Payment Method :- Check/Direct Payment

5. Make Money By Writing Articles/Guest Post

You can also make money by writing articles online or writing guest post on other blog.

You will get paid upto $5-$500 for writing one articles.

Here are the websites that allow you to earn money from them.

Guest Post

Websites That Allow to Earn Money When You Write Guest Post

Just Click On The Website Name To Go to Their Page Of Guidelines and terms of condition for Applying. After visiting this website you need to follow terms and condition and apply their program which allow you to earn money from them. So let's get started:-

Write Guest Post For Us - Apply Now

Guest Post

6. Earn Money Online From Surveys And Polls

This is for the people who is very much time to attempt surveys and polls. There are many websites that allow you to attempt their surveys and earn money from them.

Earn from polls and survey's

Websites that Allow To Earn Money From Survey's And Polls

Here are few websites that allow to earn money from them.

This is very popular site to earn money online by attempting survey, polls, searching, daily task etc.

They give points called SB. 2 SB = 1 Rs and if you get 500 SB, you will get gift vouchers from your favorite shopping sites.

You can also take your money via Paypal.

This website provide games to play and if you complete your task you will get paid. They provide bonus surveys, bonus offer, top surveys, video and more to earn more money from them.

Minimum Threshold :- $20

Many More Sites like..

1. Toluna

so these are few methods to earn money online, if you have any problem regarding anythings or you want any specific tutorials then feel free to comment so I can write other post for you within 2 days.

Which Method Of Making Money You Have Choosen? Let me Know in Comments Below.

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