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Saturday, 11 February 2017

5 Blogger SEO that Superboost Your Blog Post

As we know SEO means 'Search Engine Optimization' and it is the major factor of the blog growth. For the people who use wordpress blog have very simple steps to do SEO for their site because there are several wordpress plugin like "Yoast SEO" which boost your content but blogger.com doesn't provide this much plugin, features and we have to do SEO manually on our blog.
In this Post I will tell you the best top 5 blogger SEO which superboost your blog Post. So, let's get started

boost your blog views

Top 5 SEO that Superboost your Blog Post

So, here are the top 5 Blogger SEO for your blog but before going forward you can also read this post.

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After Reading The Following, Now You ready to learn from below.

#1. Focus On Your Title

Blog post Optimization

As I mentioned earlier that title is the king and it is only the way by which Google found you. Make your title unique and interesting that anybody can click on it without any fear.
As a small experiment, suppose that if Person A wrote that 'How to increase pageviews of your blog' and Person B wrote that 'Killer Blogger Tips to Boost your Pageviews'. What do you think who will get more clicks on Google.

Yes, Person B title is more attractive so he will get more pageviews and clicks and his ranking will increase in google within few days.

Your Blog Title not too much long.

#2. Optimize your Image

While inserting your image in Blogger you have to optimize it and by optimizing your image you will get more views from Google image search.

How to Optimize your Image?

To optimize your image just insert your image on your blog and then click on that image after that click properties and write your heading in "Alt Text" box.

alt tags

Image optimization is so important because it derive traffic from Google Search.

#3. Reduce the Page Loading Time 

There are so many blogger templates which not affect loading time but if you are using custom templates or if you used so many gadgets your loading time may affect your blog .

Loading time is oneof the factor to growth of blog. In a research it has found that 0.005 sec increasement in loading speed can increase sales by more than 6%.

Best Mobile Under Rs 5,000

How to Reduce Blog Loading Time?

Here are few tips that helps you to increase your blog loading time.

Improve loading time
Improve Your Blog Loading Time (Ha ha)

•Use Minimum Gadgets
Use Minimum Ads (only 3 per page)
Don't use Pop up Ads
Use Fast Loading Themes For Your Blog
•Remove Unwanted Javascript
•Use Disqus Comment

#4 Use Perfect Labels, Permalinks, Search Description

Use Of Correct Label, Permalinks and Search Description can make your post SEO friendly.
Labels, Permalinks and Search Description

Labels help your visitors to get good search result on your site.

Permalinks helps in SEO, google find your permalinks as a keyword of any visitors and keep your permalinks small and unique

Search description helps you lot because google shows Title, Permalinks and Search Description which contain more words so make it good and related to keywords.

Blogger SEO to rank #1 in Google

#5 Convert your HTTP to HTTPS (Secure


Full forms of HTTP is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and Full Formm of HTTPS is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure and remember google rank HTTPS website higher so if you are using blogger then enable HTTPS from setting and if you are using any wordpress site or any other site then buy SSL certificate to enable your HTTPS.

This will boost your blog post and blog to rank high on google. By using HTTPS visitors trust on your website and if there are anythings to buy on your site they will buy without any hesitation.

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