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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Blogging with Youtube is the Best Way to Earn Money Online

Blogging is incredible and youtube is the best ways to connect with people so what happen if we connect blogging and youtube at the same time?

The answer is something really good will happens, some of the youtubers do this job but some of the youtubers only post youtube videos.

Today, I will give some examples in which I will show you the power of blogging with youtube so without wasting any time, let's start-


The Battle of Youtube Vs Blogging

I want to tell you that starting youtube channel is good because you will connect to the people and youtube pays lot's of money. Many of people become full time on youtube because they earn lot's of money.

How Much You Can Earn From Youtube?

From youtube you can earn lots of money and by various source like Adsense, Sponsored Reviews, Affiliate Marketing. If you have good youtube channel with all these three income source they you can earn lot's of money.

As a estimation you will earn $$$ out of $$$$$ (RATING)

How Much You Can Earn From Blogging?

Blogging is a serious business but there is many funny things about blogging. If you get daily 50K views on your youtube then you can make lots of money as you can see in the rating but if you get 25K daily views on blog you will get double of that youtube. 

As a estimation you will earn $$$$ out of $$$$$ (RATING)

Blogging vs Youtube ? Which is More Profitable

It seems that enjoying article, but the biggest question is which is more profitable. Yes! Blogging is more profitable if you are expert, here is the table which shows the Youtube VS Blogging battle.

25 K Views / More Money $
50K Views / Less Money $
More Sponsor Opportunity
Less Sponsor Opportunity
More Traffic
Less Traffic if it’s not viral
Less interaction
More Interaction
More Profitable
Less Profitable

How Much You Can Earn From Blogging + Youtube

Just with this post I want to tell you that if you are doing both jobs than congrats because you are taking money from the internet table and those who started just youtube then they might forget some money around them. 

Let's take all money from the table and start blogging with youtube, now just go and create free youtube channel and free blog on blogger or if you have little money then get's started with wordpress.

As we know that blogging is good source of income and youtube is good for interaction with your audience, if you done both successfully then your dreams of making huge money will come true.
You can really earn $15378+ /month easily.

Earning - $$$$$ out of $$$$$

Youtube vs Blogging Money

Blogging has More Money than Youtube, Now I Prefer to choose both youtube and blogging.


By writing this post I want to tell you that they both are best on thier place but if we put together it will be more profitable. 

What Do You Think ? Share this ideas to everyone 

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