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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Create Your Own Google Chrome Extension For Your Website

Do you want to create your own google chrome extension to reach more people?

If yes, then you are at right place because today I'm going to show you "How to create your own google chrome extension for free". 

Create Google Chrome Extension For Free

Google chrome is used by almost everyone so, let's target those people and get more views and subscriber.

In this tutorial I'm going to teach you how to create your own google chrome extension for your website, facebook, youtube etc and reach bigger audience.

1. The website is known as, this website give you option to create free google chrome and firefox extension.

2. Signup on Wix, verify your email and then login to your account

3. Now click on "Create New Project".

Create Your Own Extension

4. Now, if you want to create extension for your website click on "Blog Feed (RSS)" option.

Create Your Own Extension

5. In next step you have to enter "Project Name", "Project Description" and "Icon" of your extensions.

Create Your Own Extension

6. Now, you have to find RSS Feed of your blog, so move on your blog homepage and right click anywhere, now choose "View Page Source" Option.

Create Your Own Extension

7. After clicking on "View Page Source" you will see a new page will open with lots of coding, now press CTRL+F on your keyboard and type "<link" and hit enter. Your RSS feed will be shown like in the image below, just copy it.

Create Your Own Extension

8. Your RSS feed will look like this "". Now copy your RSS feed and then paste into the next option which you will see in the images below.

Create Your Own Extension

9. Click next option and you will see something like this (in image below). Just change your appereance and hit next button.

Create Your Own Extension

10. Congrats ! You have successfully created your extension just share your Extension URL to the people and tell them to download it.

Create Your Own Extension

Go ahead and create your extension and serve to your viewers, its super easy and quick ways.

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Do You Created Your Extension, Let Me Know If You Have any Problem ?

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