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Friday, 17 March 2017

PopAds.net Review - The Best Ad Network For New Bloggers

Are You Just Started Your Blog and Want to Taste Some Money ?

If Yes, then stay tuned because today, you are going to learn about best adnetwork which is only for the blogs who didn't get approved by other ad network and want to earn some money online.


What is PopAds?

PopAds is a pop-under ad network which allow you to setup Pop-up Ads on your blog. This popup ads are trusted and verified. 
PopAds is very popular adnetwork as it global alexa rank is 54, so this adnetwork is most popular than other Popup adnetwork.

PopAds Requirements?

There is no such big requirements, you can always free to apply every type of website. Just like other popunder ad network PopAds accept all types of Website.

Is PopAds.net is SCAM?

Many of people thinking that popads.net does a scam and i've read many forums and many people says that it is scam but believe me it is not a SCAM because it has high alexa rank and thousands of publishers and advertisers.

How Much You Can Earn From PopAds?

Popads has automated system and it automatically run the highest paying ads on your website automatically. 
You can earn average of  $1.50 per 1000 views and if your blog have largest number of US visitors then you will get $4-$5 CPM rates. 
All rates depend on the country and advertiser.

Source - Youtube Channel Kadz Daman

Pros Of PopAds

• Most Popular Adnetwork
• High CPM rates
• All Websites Accepted
• No Minimum Traffic requirement
• Minimum Thresold - $5 
• Store your money as Wallet
• Automatic Withrawl

Cons Of PopAds

• Ads are not Relevant
• Some Countries are not accepted
• People doesn't like Popups

Types Of Network              
Types of Ads
Payment Method
Paypal, Payoneer, Wire
Minimum Thresold
Tech Implemetion
HTML, Javascript, PHP
Auto Withdrawl

PopAds For Publishers and Advertiser

Popads save your money in a kind of wallet so you can also Advertise your website on popads network or you can directly transfer your money to Paypal, Payoneer or to Bank.

I really like this wallet features because you can earn money and then spend those money for your website promotion.

I recommend Popads for beginners blog, and for those whose blog is not getting approved by google adsense, media.net or other ad network.

My Experience with PopAds is pretty good and I like thier payment thresold and satiesfied with my Earning and that's why we present PopAds for you and please definately try this Adnetwork.

PopAds Ratings

Customer Support
4/5 Stars
CPM Rates
4.3/5 Stars
Total & Overall Rating
4.5/5 Stars

PopAds.net is best PopUnder Adnetwork for new blogger, you can taste some money from PopAds.net 

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