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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Adcash Review for Publishers: CPM, CPA, CPV ad network

Do you want to monetize your blog in the new way? 

If yes, welcome to our blog, today I'm going to review Adcash Ad Network which help you to monetize your blog in a new way.

Adcash is today's growing ad network which helps to monetize your websites in few clicks. Yes, you can earn lot's of money through Adcash.

Adcash Review for Publisher

Introduction to Adcash

Adcash is a ad network like google adsense and thier ads basically focus on gaming and entertainment. They provide CPM and CPA types ad which makes this ad network very cool.

They are also one of the best CPM ad network on the internet which provides best way to monetize your websites.

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Publishers Requirements 

Traffic Requirements: None

Prohibited Content - Hacking , cracking, adult content, any illegal items, illegal websites links are not allowed

To Get Adcash Approval Your Site Must Have -

• Legal Content
• Sufficient Content

If you meet this two requirement then welcome to Adcash.

Ads/Offer Types

Ads Type: Banners, Interstitial, Footer Ads, Slide in Ads, Site Under Ads, Instream Video

Banner Ads Sizes: 728x90 (Leaderboard), 468x60 (Full Banner), 336x280 (Large Rectangle), 300x250 (Medium Rectangle), 250x250 (Square), 120x600 (Skyscraper) 160x600 (Wide Skyscraper).

About Interstitial Ads: These ads are full page ads which cover your websites and visitors will see "Skip" button to remove that Ads. This ads generate very high CTR and your earning will be boosted.

Adcash Review for Publisher

Footer Ads: This ads are also called sticky bottom ads because this will stick to your website bottoms and can generate max CTR.

Slide in Ads: This ads will appear on the left bottom side of your website with some sliding effect. This ads doesn't give any problem to your visitors as it is visitors friendly ads.

Site Under Ads: It is new ads type which is called site under. When the user open your website and click anywhere on your website then this ad will be executed in the new tab and this is the only CPM ads types of Adcash.

Instream Video Ads: Instream ads are so awesome because it will play in your own video player. Remember the youtube ads, just like that Adcash provide instream ads which gives you earning on every views. This ads are not enable by default and if you want to enable it then you have to contact adcash team.

More details about Adformat -

Pros Of Adcash

Adcash Review for publishers

• Variety of Ads
• Video Ads is Available 
• High CPA
• Too many Advertiser
• Full Control Over Ads
• Apps Monetization is Available
• Good Support

Cons of Adcash

• Some of thier Ads are Irratating
• Video Advertiser are Very Limited
• Not Revealing an Average CPM rates
• Minimum thresold are very high

Adcash FAQs

1. What are the Ads type?

Thier Ads types are CPA, CPC, CPM, CPV

2. Do I get CPM on every Ads?

No, They have only 1 CPM ads type which is "Site Under"

3. What is the minimum thresold?

The minimum thresold is 100 Euro (not dollar)

4. What is the Support Email?

The Support Email is [email protected]

5. Which Ads will Performing Well?

Siteunder and Banner Ads will Performed Well and if you have entertainment website then you can choose any of the Ads to earn more money.

More FAQs -

Some Points to be Noted?

• When I contact adcash team in online chat then they will tell us an average CPM rates which is less than 1$ in India but it is boosted in USA.

• I've heared many times that Adcash is fraud but it is not fraud because thier company stands from a decades and still going very good and they pay thousand of people daily.

• Remember that thier Instream Video Ads will need a VAST compitable video player for eg - JW player, FlowPlayer which is not free.


Ads Rating - 3/5
Implemention Rating - 4/5
Support Rating - 4.8/5
Advertiser Type - 4.1/5
Overall Technology - 4.5/5
Overall Ratings- 4.4/5


Adcash Review for Publishers

Adcash provides advertiser to boost thier traffic and publisher to boost thier income but somewhere they were still need to improve. However, Adcash is one of the great adsense alternatives on the Advertising Platform.

Adcash is just like something is better thana nothing, I suugest you to only use adcash if you website doesn't have Adsense.

If you want to increase your income then go ahead and signup on Adcash, after sometimes they will approve your website then just place your code on your website and start making money.

Daily thousands of people making money with Adcash more than 300 Euro a day so you can also make some money with Adcash, thier Support are very good and awesome because they will reply for your every queries.

Adcash is the top ad network and a good adsense alternatives so, go ahead and signup.

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