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Monday, 3 April 2017

Infolinks Review : Does it Really Good Adsense Alternatives

Infolinks is one of the known Ad network in the world. It is one of the leading ad network but if you want to know each and everythings about infolinks then read this complete article for full details.

Infolinks Review

Infolinks is a eCPM based ad network and it is growing day by day, there ads are contextual, basically infolinks focus on converting the article links into advertiser link and if anyone hover on your link then they will see a Banner Ads.

Infolinks : Ads Type ?

Infolinks provide you variety of Ad, they provide you - 

In-Text Ads - This ads will active in your written article, if anyone hover with mouse on thiier created text then they will see this ads. (See Images Below)

Infolinks Review
Intext Ads
In-Fold Ads - After enabling this ads, it will apear on your website footer.
(See images below).

Infolinks Review
In-fold ads
In-Tag Ads - In- Tag Ads are very responsive as it appear after each article is ended, you can also enable this ads on header but its recommended to enable it on footer only. (See Images below)

Revenue Booster - There is also option to enable revenue booster on infolinks intag ads. Revenue booster is sponsored content ads type which include in Intag ads.

Infolinks Review
Intag Ads type

In-Frame Ads - This ads look like banner ads and its generate lot's of money because it appear on right and left side with size of wide skyscraper. (See Images Below)
InFrame Ads 

In-screen Ads - In-screen ads are like interestial ads and this ad type can boost your earning because when someone click on advertiser link then infolinks display a popup interestial ads on your website which doesn't spam any one. (See images below)
Infolinks Review
InScreen Ads
In-Article Ads - It is last ad types but not the least because this ads appear while reading your article and when people scroll so it get 100% relavent. This is like a display ads. (See Video Below)

Overview of All Ads Type

You can enable at least 3 ads type and we recommend not to enable more than three ads because it will look like spam website.

Top 3 Ads Type-

1) Infold

2) Intext

3) Intag

Traffic Requirement

They have no traffic requirement but sufficient impression must be required.

Infolinks required follwing thing on your webiste

1- At Least Few US visitors

2- Sufficient Articles

3- User Friendly Layout

Earning/Rates and More of Infolinks

Yes, now your favourite things which is earnings of infolinks. Can you really make money? The answer is Yes.

Infolinks will approve every website if they have at least sufficient posts, sufficient US visitors, and unique layout of website.

Many people things that it is CPC and even some big boggers believe that but one thing that I noticed that it is not CPC, it is eCPM based network which means you will get with the rates if every 1000 ad views.

Infolinks only pay you if you have some ad views. There rates of eCPM are so high upto $7 and average of $3-$4 (Nice). 

Believe me if you have some daily US visitors then it will pay you very vey high more than $5.

Updates: For Now the Infolinks is Awarded as a Best Adsense Alternatives by


In summary section we will tell you each and everythings in the forms of tables. See this table and you will get quick overview about infolinks.

Network Type
Traffic Requirement
Minimum Payout
$100 (Paypal)
Implemention type
HTML Javascript
Support Rating
4.7 / 5
Overall Rating
4 / 5
Website Links

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