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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

How to get Free GN Points on Gokano? (Coupons)

Did you ever heared about Gokano, if not then,

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Now, I will imagine that you have read our all two article about Gokano and let' move ahead to the "How to Get Free GN Points on Gokano" . Many of the youtube videos have the way to earn unlimited points but they all are fake and your account get ban for doing that work.

Today, I'm going to show you the best, easy, free, legal way to earn free GN Points. 

Gokano Coupon Code

In earlier update Gokano lauches the facility to enter coupons code and I've few coupons for you and as press CTRL+D to bookmark this page to get future coupons code (Note- This Coupon may Expire in Future)

Go to and enter the following code.

You Will Get Total 15 GN

Gokano Code


2 GN

2 GN

2 GN
2 GN

3 GN

2 GN

2 GN

Big Update - There are Many More Codes that Will Work and the Codes Will Be Available on Gokano Facebook Page. Just be Active on the Page and Grab the Codes. 

If you didn't use gokano then Signup Now for Free

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