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Saturday, 29 July 2017

This Is Why Jawbone UP3 Gadget Is So Famous!

Jawbone UP3 Gadget

Jawbone UP3 be the Next Generation of Jawbone UP24 + Heart Rate sensor. Jawbone UP3 don’t have features like NFC for payments integrated with American Express or Amex. These features having in Jawbone UP4, which is the next generation of Jawbone UP3. Jawbone UP3 was introduced in 2014. At the end of his introduction Jawbone says that will UP3 Full best waterproof fitness tracker but the fact is not so, and Jawbone UP3 only Splash Prove, Rain Prove. Imagine having a personal trainer 24/7, tracking your heart rate throughout the day and sleeping better. That’s what our UP3 band with its great style and 2015’s best fitness app can do for you.

Design Jawbone UP3

This Is Why Jawbone UP3 Gadget Is So Famous!

Just like its predecessor, the Jawbone UP, Jawbone UP24. Jawbone up2, Jawbone and Jawbone UP3 UP4 designed by famous designer “Yves Behar”. As a result, Jawbone UP3 design very styles, Fashionable and comfortable to wear.  Jawbone UP3 comes in various colors.

Jawbone UP3 Feature                                                                 

Activity Tracker

Jawbone UP3 Gadget

This is the one I use the most. As long as the band is on your wrist you will see your steps keep increasing throughout the day. You can also add a workout to specify if you went for a run, lifted weights, did yoga, etc. It’s very easy to use. For those that use other apps like Run Keeper (which I do), the UP app has a section where you can sync your info from other fitness apps so there is no need to enter info in several places.

 Food Logging

This is the part of the app that lets you put in everything you have consumed for the day. The app allows you to enter via three different methods. The first is scan. Basically if the item you are consuming has a barcode you just scan it and the nutritional values auto populate.

Jawbone UP3 Gadget

The second is search. All you do there is type in what you ate/drank and it will search thru the database which appears to be preloaded on the app. If you are eating at a chain restaurant, most items are in there. Otherwise you can just find something close to what you ate. Or the last way is to snap a picture of what you ate and manually type in the nutritional values. Like the activity tracker if you use a different food logging app the UP app does sync to some of them so you don’t have to input info in 2 places

Sleep Mode

Jawbone UP3 Gadget

 This by far was probably the coolest feature so far on the UP3. Right as you go to bed, you throw your band in sleep mode and leave it there until you wake up. Once I wake up I put it back in active mode. After that time my app updates to give me a handful of sleep information. It tells you how long it took you to fall asleep, how long you were in deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep, and if you woke up during the night. It is pretty neat to track this. Information I have never seen on myself. It also gives you your resting heart rate reading.

Smart Coach

Jawbone UP3 Gadget

This feature needs a few days worth of info to really start working. The more information you enter in the first three features, the more useful the smart coach is. Basically each day my smart coach will give you tips on stretching, things to eat to get more REM sleep (if it is low like mine), give you daily step challenges based on previous averages, and tell you things to avoid eating based off your eating patterns. The smart coach will also provide links to exercises to better challenge you. Like I said I have only had the UP for about a week so I have just recently began to see the smart coach provide more specific advice for me specifically. The first couple day was a generic but now that I have input a bunch of info I am getting much more out of the smart coach.

The best feature of the UP3 is the way it easily tracks your sleep. It’s very simple to turn it over to sleep monitoring mode. In the morning it categorizes your sleep into deep, light and REM. It records your total sleep time and it does this everyday so you can get an idea of your overall sleep patterns. If you have any issues with getting adequate sleep, etc. this is a great way to start understanding that part of you.

Jawbone UP3 Pros and Cons


Jawbone UP3It looks really cool. If you’re going to wear something all day, every day, this is more important than it might sound. It’s sleeker-looking than the watch-shaped Up Move and far more handsome than the FitBit, in my personal opinion. I wish I’d bought the silver so it would blend in nicely with my jewelry.
It tells you how much of your sleep is spent in a REM state.
The step tracking is far more accurate than your phone. After all, you likely don’t always have your phone in your pocket or purse for every step you take 24 hours a day. So it’s more accurate and more convenient.
It tells you your resting heart rate, and graphs it over time. It also explains why you should care.
The companion Up App is FANTASTIC. The Smart Coach provides better tips and motivates me better than all my other Fitness apps. (But it’s no different from the version for the Up Move, other than the added REM sleep and heart rate data points.) It’s also the most visually pleasing of all my fitness apps, and is easiest for at-a-glance info.
It plays well with others. You can sync with partners like the iPhone Health screen, the Withings scale, MyFitnessPal, UnderArmour’s fitness logging apps, MapMyRun and the like. They all share their data back and forth really seamlessly. Love this. Use it constantly. Appreciate it constantly.
It gives you a noticeable vibration when an alarm/alert you scheduled goes off, or if you’ve been sitting still for more than a specific amount of time. All of which you can customize to your personal preference in the app. I worried that the vibration would annoy me, but happily, it doesn’t. And it’s a physical reminder to check in and stay engaged with my fitness trackers throughout the day. An alert popping up on a phone buried in my handbag wouldn’t be as effective. I dig this.
If you forget to put it in sleep mode at bedtime, it will recover that data. You can go back and log past sleep, and it will go back through the data on heart rate and movement during that period, and estimate pretty accurately all those sleep stats. This is a big improvement over the Up Move.
  • Lack of LED display (it only has lights)
  • The latching system on the band is a little cumbersome, especially at first.
  • Lack of “getting started” instructions in the box.
  • Heart rate monitor is currently not designed to for target heart rates during workouts
  • Doesn’t appear to count stairs like Fitbit trackers.
  • not waterproof
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