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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

What is Gokano [Gokano Tips & Hacks]

Gokano.com is a Website that Allows You to Win Exciting Prizes

Do you ever heard about Gokano, If No, Let me tell you, Gokano is a Website which will give you some points on completing a very easy task like daily logging, daily poll, social mission, and an extra mission? I've heard about many websites but Gokano is the best website to earn points very easily and claim prizes.

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Types of Points in GOKANO?

There is two types of points in Gokano which are-

GN Points 

GN points is the points which we can earn very easily be completing 10-15 seconds of tasks.

There are several prize like if you want to earn powerbank or fidget spinner then you need 40 GN Points you can easily earn in 3-5 days, if you want Selfie stick then you need 65 GN Points and prizes are available upto Samsung Galaxy S8 which need 4000 GN Points.

VP Points

VP points are the points which is not easy to earn but once you've earned this then you will get products anytime but in GN Points you need to wait till restok which is only for 5-10 Minutes based on Customer purchases.

Recommended Points - GN Points

GN Points are Easy to earn, just earn GN points and wait till restok then grab your Prize.

Earn Gokano Points by Inviting Friends

Invite your friends and you will get 1 GN points. If you successfully completed 30 Referalls then you will become Gold member and you will get a free Gold member T-Shirt, also Gold member will earn twice the Points.


How to Win Prizes in Gokano?

Now, suppose if you have sufficient GN Points to purchase any products then you need to wait till restok at the end of the month. Once, restok is place then all the products is available till the out of stock. Genrally within 5 Minutes restok is again out of stock and you have to wait till next months.

Overall, I think this is very easy steps to earn prizes and website os fully updated and verified which make this trusted.

Proof Of Users Who Get Their Prizes

Users uploaded their video on Youtube to show the proof of this website

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