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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

How to Win Gokano Big Restock?

In the previous article I've explained "What is Gokano and How to Get Prizes" but you will only get your prizes in "Big Restock" every months. 

Read - What is Gokano and How to Win Prizes?

Claiming your prizes in big restock is very difficult because lot's of users tried and get thier prize and within 5 minutes of restock, the product will again out of stock but today we are going to discuss on "How to Win Big Restock of Gokano". Lot's of users facing difficulty in claiming their prizes in Big Restok so let's get started-

Big Restock Gokano

First Plan to Win Gokano Restock

In Gokano Big Restock, the fastest one to place their order will win so I recommend you to use Chrome Browser or Opera which are very fast.

Go to your Browser Settings and click on  "Autofill Settings" >> Click on "Add Street Address" and enter your information. It just like filling your Gokano form in Advance.

Gokano Big Restok
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• Remember this is Very Important Steps to fill your Browser "Autofill Setting".

Second Steps Towards Gokano Restock

Now, restock is alive only for 4-5 minutes so if you will search your prizes then it may take time and you will failed to place order.

In this case, Choose your prize and save the link for direct visit, you can also bookmark it by pressing CTRL+D

Third Tactics to Win Gokano Restock 

Now we've filled an Autofill Setting but how to know when restock is alive. Usually they give you 1-2 days and within this days the restok came anytime so the best way to know the Restock is alive is-

Big Restock Gokano

Now, you are ready, just turn on the notification and run Gokano Nitification app in background and when the restock is alive then fastly click on your Bookmark you have saved previously for your prize and then your Autofill setting does the job and you have to verify and place order.

If you haven't signup on Gokano just Signup and Start Getting Prizes

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